On The Cover: Speedy The Comedian “Straight Out Of The FoxHole”

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SKII: So, Speedy tell me something about yourself?

Speedy: The first joke I told was about a V8. “I was in the mall and I saw a girl that looked better than my girl and I said, “Damn, I could’ve had a V8!” People weren’t laughing to that, because I wasn’t really pushing it the way I should’ve.

SKII: So, how old were you when you first started?

Speedy: I was thirty-one when I started comedy.

SKII: What high school did you graduate from?

Speedy: Lenox High School, a really a low standard kind of school, but at the time my mom felt like it was safer for me.

SKII: Do you have any siblings?

Speedy: Just me, myself, and I. My mom still says, “Yeah, you alright”, lol.

SKII: So your parents are still around?

Speedy: Yes, mom is still alive but my dad passed away. He never saw me as I was doing stand-up but,  he knew I was doing it.

 SKII: So you dropped everything you were doing to become a Comedian?   Why?  Were your jokes funny when you first started.

Speedy:  I never knew this was what I was going to be doing while I was younger.   I feel,  people never really know what they want in life. It just happens.   I was okay with it.  I never went through the change, how most comedians were bad and then got better.  I was just okay. People said I was funny.

SKII: What other shows have you hosted before going to Jamie FoxHole Radio?

Speedy: I’ve known Jamie Foxx for a while, twenty years, but during the In Living Color we’d both had  auditioned for it and Jamie got it. But, then Keenan Wayans came over and asked if I’d gotten the part. He then offered me the Audience Warm-up and I started making my money from there. I’ve done different shows since then but ,  later on was when Jamie saw me again and asked me to do the radio show with him.  That’s how it all started.

SKII: How did you meet Jamie?

Speedy: We met in a comedy club in Hollywood. They were doing a competition and the cash prize was $75.00. I needed that $75.00! Then I saw Jamie and realized how funny he was and he realized the same with me.  I’m not going to say who won but, from then  we decided to stay in touch with each other.   We had a lot in common: girls, basketball, and sports in general. We stayed buddies  for a while.  And, here we are today.

SKII: I listened to the Frank and Wanda Show and you were very funny.  You were snapping on their make-up!

Speedy: I try to make people feel like they’re part of the show, so I tried giving them exactly what I was seeing lol.

SKII: Foxx show… How many days were you guys on the air?

Speedy: We was on the show five days a week from 8-12.   Something had happened to our studio so, we had to switch to internet until we got back into our studio…

SKII: You have a fetish for big girls?

Speedy:  I was like that since I was born. LOL.  Everywhere I went I saw big girls and that attracted me.

SKII: Would you say comedy was the same back in the days as it is today?

Speedy: It was different back then.   Those guys back then,  really told the  truth to their jokes unlike the comedians today.  Most comedians nowadays are trying to make a funny Vine or a funny sketch to their jokes.  So, yeah! Comedians of yester-years are different from comedians of today’s  world.

SKII: I’ve read, you opened up  for other people before they came on? Can you name a few of the people you opened up for?

Speedy: Yes: I’ve opened up for people like…  Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, The Isley Brothers, and many more.  But, I must tell you,  I enjoyed musical tours more than stand-up.

SKII: Have you done any acting?

Speedy: Yes. I did a few movies that went straight to DVD called, “Out on Parole” and “The Cleaner”. I have written five different movies.  Jamie Fox is supposed to direct it for me.

SKII: When should we expect to see these movies?

Speedy: I have one called, “Melodies of Heaven”. It’s about two brothers who are preachers. One church is about getting their money the wrong way and the other is kind of poor.   But,  by the end –  they’ll see how both churches are the same, at the end of everything.  So watch-out for this one.

SKII: Do you sing?

Speedy: I wish I could sing. I’ll sing really well in the shower or in the car by myself.  LOLOL.  But, really…  NO!  I’m not a singer.

SKII: What are your aspirations in life?

Speedy: To have a movie company that produces Black Sound for our audience.  I want to make two movies a year.  I know  these movies have to be very funny and  it also needs to be a very good product .  It needs to be something exciting and very funny from the beginning to the end.

SKII: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a comedian or a crazy fan has done to you?

Speedy: As a comedian the craziest thing I’ve done,  was at church – One Sunday morning.  I did the same jokes I’d done the night before  – at a stand up.  The pastor saw me doing these jokes.  Now, as far as a crazy fan…   They told me that I was fine. I thought that was funny.  LOL.

SKII: How does it feels to be working with Jamie Fox personally?

Speedy:  We grew up together,  so it feels the same. The only thing I can say that might’ve changed was that his house is bigger and better than mine.  He has a daughter around the same age as I do and his daughter and mine hang out  together most of the time.

SKII: If you can go back in time,  what will you tell a younger you whose just starting as a comedian, or is already in i?.

Speedy:  I will tell a younger me to do more writing for movies.  Then in the present,  the movies I’ve written in the past would’ve been together and being shown around the world.   Because of that, I would’ve gotten into radio much sooner as well!   I’ve  never really taken advantage of writing classes. This is one of my passions.   So, I would tell a younger me to strive more, push yourself more and be patient.

SKII: Who inspires you?

Speedy: Back in the day we used to play Dominos and listen to Richard Pryor. That’s where it really came from. I used to joke on a lot of people, and everyone really thought I was funny! Two things I managed to do that were definitely highlights for me was to perform in front of Richard Pryor, and performing at Madison Square Garden!

SKII: Tell me Something –  no one knows about you.

Speedy:   LOL.  I always wanted to be part of the  Jackson 5.   I  never knew  that they were an actual family.  LOL.  I thought you could just become one.  One more thing no one knows about me…  I  always wanted green eyes. LOL

SKII: What’s next for you?

Speedy: Really pushing the movies out and making sure everything is done the correct way.

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