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Christine “Phoenix”:  I met you in July 2015 and you gave me a June’s issue of your magazine. I brought Pete and Mike into the studio with me and Phil (Lipwally) and told them what we had to do to possibly be considered to be in your magazine. I remember saying to them, (I can say it now) I am going to get us on the front cover of this magazine.   Phil (Lipwally) sometimes feels like he doesn’t want to do this anymore. I said, yes you are. You’re doing it.

Phil “Lipwally”:   It wasn’t by accident. It was meant to be. We were supposed to have been gone by then, out of the studio but, we weren’t.  Me personally, I cannot stop doing music. I have family that does music. Such as the Oldies music like Little Anthony and The Imperials, The Manhattans and Gary from Kool & The Gang are my cousins. It’s such a gift to hear our own music. To write something or to do a  hook to a song, is such a feeling that I can’t describe. We always have had a way of expressing ourselves or being out there. Most importantly, getting into other peoples ears.

We go to the studios together. There’s a radio show where the guy said that we can do whatever we wanted to do. We didn’t care. We just do what we love to do and let’s see what happens.

Christine “Phoenix”: One thing about the internet radio is that you can do internet radio anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Indianapolis or Florida, you can do radio anywhere. It’s global.

Phil “Lipwally”: Another thing, (Phoenix) works very hard with what she does. It’s beautiful to share what I love to do.

Mark:  I tell some of my friends to call in to listen to the show. They ask… Whose that girl? She sounds like Angie Martinez. I would tell them that she’s the Host of the show.

Pete:  I had a bunch of people tell me that they loved my voice.  When I do that voice at the beginning and at the end of each show.

Christine “Phoenix”: We had a phone guest by the name of Larry Meyer’s. He’s the guy that lost 700 lbs. He actually contacted me the other day and he told me that he needs someone to do a voice over and he wants Pete to do it. He said, he wants the guy with the deep voice to do the voice over. He is going to look into his budget and he will get back in contact with me.

SKII: If you can go back into time, what will you tell a younger you?

Pete:   I would tell a younger me to stay in College. I drive a truck right now and I don’t like it. What I am doing with these guys is what I want to do. I always wanted to put myself out there. I want to be in movies which I know that is going to happen one day. I can feel that. I would tell myself to do this earlier and not wait so long. They say things happen for a reason.

Mark: You wouldn’t have been the person you are today. You have to go through those adverse circumstances in order to become what you are today. You have to be who you are now to be at the next level Pete. What you’re doing right now is preparing you to be who you are going to be in 10 years.

SKII: Is that what you would tell a younger you Pete?

Pete: Correct. (everyone laughs)

SKII: Thank you Mark.

Pete:  Yes. Thank you Mark. (everyone is still laughing).

Christine “Phoenix”: I would tell the younger me to be happy for yourself first. Don’t live your life to please everybody else. Do what you want. You come first and happiness is what’s important.  So, I would tell my younger self to be happy first. The way I want to be happy, What makes me happy.

Phil “Lipwally”: To believe in myself and to take myself more seriously with the talent that I did have. Well, I still do have. To repeat what Mark was saying; you have to go through the steps. I believe if I was not given this opportunity when I was a teen I probably wouldn’t be here now.  Everyone would say, I want it now but, it’s not meant to be until it’s your time. Now is time. We all are ready.

Mark: I would tell myself that you’re going to make mistakes. To make sure you pay attention to them. So that you don’t repeat them. I still tell myself that now. I talk to my younger self because I still think that we have it in there somewhere. We suppress it. Your future self is in here so your still telling your younger self now to pay attention. I used to tell myself to pay attention.

Now, looking back, I see that I have repeated a lot of stuff. I didn’t have to. If I had just listened to myself and paid attention to the things that I have done wrong.  Sometimes we get stuck in neutral.

You don’t go anywhere until you figure out why you’re in neutral. You have to put it in drive. You are your best teacher. You learn from other people but, you’re the only one who really knows yourself so, that’s what I would tell myself. And I thank you for telling myself that. (everyone laughs again).

Mike:  Probably to be more forgiving. Less angry and to spend more time with family members.  With all of my family. Definitely didn’t do that too much and the one’s that aren’t here, it sucks.

Pete: Thanks for Kleenex Mike. (everyone laughs again.)

SKII: What’s next guys? What’s next for Lipwally’s Twisted Radio Show?

Pete:   I am taking over the universe. I’m taking over the world.

Christine “Phoenix”: What you said earlier Anngeannette; You see us on FM or on the radio somewhere, that could go left or right.

Pete:  Movies, SKII Magazine, TV, SKIITV. We are talking about opening up restaurants. (Pete has everyone cracking up. Everyone bust into laughter). I’m going to  be re-signed as  Bel Biv DevoeI have my own Candy Bars. They are coming out   soon. It’s called “WOUNDS” Because I Hurt People.  LOLOL.  I always give people stitches and stuff like that so I came out with a candy bar called “WOUNDS” and it’s going to have everything that everybody loves.

Mark: I don’t think we would get to the next level if you guys didn’t give us this opportunity. This is a huge step. It’s not a walk down the block. This just didn’t happen. It was a developing process. This is That – One – Thing – You – Have – To – Do,  to get to the next level and it’s not because you guys are established and we are trying to get to be established. You are helping us to get more established than what we’ve already done.

Christine “Phoenix”: I am forever grateful. (everyone agreed).

Phil “Lipwally”: Planning on relocating to Florida and having a new state of the art recording studio called P.A.W Studios which is my home studio I record out of.  Expanding the clothing line called Twisted Talent and Lipwally’s Twisted Radio Show – for the entire world to hear that great sound and the best team I haveWe have.

SKII: We’re grateful too for meeting great people.

Christine “Phoenix”: We network by promoting each other.

Pete: I have to be honest with you… I never thought in a million years that I would be in a magazine. Forget about the cover. Inside of a magazine. (Pete just had us in stitches all afternoon).

Mike:  I have a glove called “FINGERS”.

Christine “Phoenix”:  I actually want to come out with a perfume called “PHOENIX”. Jean Grey The Phoenix” is a super hero who I love. I go by the name of PHOENIX on Lipwally’s Twisted Radio Show.

SKII:  To tell the truth, this is the first time I have had an interview with so many people and  actually got real, down to earth, tears about to flow, passionate feeling stories about these five people in which I have interviewed in FLAVORS Restaurant. It was like a meeting of the minds  at the round table.   Although, it was a circle of seven people, we were all just sitting around each other and just laying it all on the floor.  I had already met and spoken to Christine (Phoenix) and Phil (Lipwally) numerous times, whether it  was in person or over the phone, I had to get to know everyone else so, I gave everyone nicknames  to remember which one I was talking to whenever I wanted them to turn a certain way or stand  while doing the photo shoots.  So I gave them all nicknames as BooBoo’s.

Booboo #1 Christine “Phoenix” Corrado;                          BooBoo #2 –Philip “Lipwally” Walker;                               BooBoo #3 – Pete “Da Killa” Aprea;                                 BooBoo #4 – Michael “Mikey Fingazz” Aprea; and            BooBoo #5 – Mark “Marz” Wright.   I’m just BooBoo and      Mike C, my husband is Boo. LOLOL. We had a great time with that.  Lipwally’s Twisted Radio ( featuring Phil (Lipwally), Christine (Phoenix), Pete (Da Killa), Mike (Mikey Fingazz) and Mark “Marz” are definitely making head waves in the internet  radio show. I can definitely truly see them owning the Radio Waves and making a name of their own. Keep an eye out for these 5 extraordinary people. They are definitely headed for great things.

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