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Jose Pagan

He’s a Photographer, Film Maker and overall creator of “The Black Light Photo Experiment, which he’s been involved with for 4 years – Pagan Photography.  He won an award for  “Creative Visionary” in March 30, 2014.  It  was awarded to him  by 4 wonderful ladies he had worked with in various job within the industry.   Trish Ramado – of Ramadofaceown, Nailah Lymus – of Amirah creations, Lila Green – of Hunks4Hope and Alicia Smith – House of Style by Monique.   presented Jose Pagan with the award.  “The BLACKLIGHT Art Gala “,  is what the event was called that night and it was held at the “Billie’s Black” famous soul food restaurant located in the heart of Harlem.  It was a glorious event.  Leon from the “Five heart Beats”  was there along with a host of other celebrities, family and friends who came out to celebrate Jose Pagan’s night.

Jose was born and raised in New York City.  He attended  SUNY Brock College in Upstate New York.  His major at that time was in Stress Management and Athletic Training. It was a field nowhere near what he is doing today. He said… The only reason he chose that field was because he was a football player during high school and somewhat in college. Jose is married to a wonderful person, the love of his life “Genie” and they have beautiful children together. He would say… I work for the city of new York and I will give my day job 100% and my brand would also get 100%. Once I’m retired from my 9-5 job, my photography job will be given 200% of my time. They’ve been together for ten years. In 2005, he had a company called KWOLFMedia. Under that brand name, he did three (3) short films. He decided he wanted more. Doing short films wasn’t enough. There was something missing. In 2006, Jose began “The Blacklight Photo Experiment.” . He began to focus more on his new project.   This was something new to him and it was that something that was missing.   He played around with it and then he realized how great he was. So during the year of 2006, Jose decided to rebrand his name to Pagan Photography. He has been doing “The Blacklight Photo Experiment” seriously for the past 4 years now.

Jose began by saying…   In 2005 through 2006, I was going through a trasitional stage amd I decided to put the film making on hold for a while. I started my new project The “Blacklight Photo Experiment.” That’s exactly what it was, an experiment, until I became great at it. In 2006, I put KWOLFMEDIA on hold and opened the doors to Pagan Photography. I’ve been doing the “BLPE” seriously for the past four years.

Lately, I’ve been going back into film making because there was a few fashion designers who wanted me to create a short film showcasing their clothing line. Mava Limas Amir Creations – A Muslim designer who wanted me to create a short film about her clothing line. They are Muslims clothes which are covered up but, they are out of the box when it comes to her designs. Another designer by the name of Adrian Alicia – A Contour clothing designer also wanted to do a short film showcasing his designs, just to name a few. But, during those film shoots, I was still doing my passion. Pagan Photography.

I’ve always been creative since I was young. I would always take my toys apart and create new toys with it. I always created stuff. I could build stuff without taking measurements. I can look at things and I could rebuild it the same way with just watching it with my eyes. I could look at a scene and I would say, I want to make that scene. I would make it. After I’m done, I would look at it and say Wow! Did I just do that?  It was like I was having an out of body experiment. So I let my creative side take over at times. Once I’m done with it, I look back and I would always be amazed by what I have created.  Like the “BLPE”. It’s called an experiment because, when I schedule the shoot, I have it looking a certain way. When we get to the shoot, I do it. When the shoot is over, I’ve noticed, I did different things with it. While shooting the concept, I am constantly saying.. I need to change this; I want to add this; I want to paint this on the person. I’m forever dynamic when it comes to my work.

I’ve been doing great things and I have been working with great people. I’ve worked with “Leon Robinson” from the Five Heartbeats. He also acted in Cool Runnings (a film about a Jamaican bobsled team who entered the Olympics; and Temptations – a must see movie). I shot a cover shot a cover for him. It was for Designer Original Magazine and I also did a shoot for his band, which made it into The Music insider Magazine. I shot the original Spindarella from Salt & Pepper and I did a shoot for a four times Grammy Award nominee and Tony Award Winner “Melba Moore”. She was wearing a designer clothing line (Adrian Alicier). She was shot wearing his clothes. All of my pictures came out great! A lot of rave reviews.

When your work is up to par, it attract people that are positive. The better you are as an artist, you get to meet higher caliber artists. I have two exhibits and I had a five year plan. Things are working out for me ahead of time. My aspirations Is to help people with their craft and to focus more on mine. I want to take a photo that had already been taken and breathe more life into it. I can make that photo look different from any other photo.

Who or what inspires you the most Jose:   

Everyday Life inspires me. What inspires me is what I see with my eyes. I don’t look up to anybody in general except GOD. He is the creator of everyone and everything. But as far as a human base for inspiration, There is none. I’ve always been creative. I see things and I do it my own waped way. There’s a designer called Alexander McQueen. He is a designer that is off the wall. He would design clothes totally different from anyone’s clothing I have ever seen. He is just one of many great designers I would look up to because of the way they turn fabric material into something crazy. I love it. I would say they are creative. Something like that would inspire me. They would inspire me with their creativity.

If I was to talk to anyone who is coming into this photography world, I would say… Follow your heart. Be true to yourself. Follow your instincts. Don’t let no one shut you down. Don’t settle in life. The reason I am saying this is… When your at whatever age and your on your death bed, you lay there wondering, why didn’t I do this.. I should have done that. You should have followed your heart and made your dreams come true. I’m following my heart and my dreams. I have accomplished a lot of things and theres more to come.

Like the saying goes… (Your eyes are the keys to the soul) Don’t just settle for anything. Settle to become the best at everything. You would regret it the things you’ve turned down.   Don’t let the shoulda’s and coulda’s be a part of your English language. Let the Yes I am doing it play a role in your life. I am doing it. Jose is moving, and shaking; rocking and rolling through the photography world. The Blacklight Photo Experiment is a great concept. I’ve seen the work and it’s phenomenal. I can’t wait for the Next Big thing!


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