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 SKII:  I am interviewing – A renowned actor,  Roadie and Hip Hop Artist – Gymini.  He was born as Maurice Harmon.   He  successfully became one of the biggest Hip Hop artists from 1989 – 2010.   And now he is  a spoke person  for a trusted  shareholder  company. 

Tell me something about Gymini.

 Gymini:   I’m a story teller like “Slick Rick” was back in the days.  Singers back then can relate to my songs unlike artists of today.  My songs made people feel as if they knew me.   Back then, I didn’t portray to have  an alter ego on stage like some artists portray to have today.  I’ve always been blessed to have the ability to  express music from a direct and  honest point of view.  I was passionate about my music.   I would make people feel like  they can relate with me and I would make them feel as if they have known me their whole life.

SKII:  Where were you born and raised?

Gymini:  I was born and raised on the West side Of Savannah Georgia in Fellwood Homes Projects.

SKII:  How was it  growing up in Savannah GA?

Gymini:  It was an experience growing up in the projects.  Instead of hanging in the streets, selling drugs  and developing a bad behavior, I.   took  my pain onto the stage.  I began gaining  the attention  of the  audience  only after they actually listened to my lyrics.  I kept the crowd screaming my name and wanting to hear me rap to my raw and uncut music.  I was giving them  upstage performances  at the age of 18.   Most of my songs derived from “Fellwood Projects.”

SKII:  Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Gymini:  Yes I do.  I was raised up in Fellwood Projects with my mother – who was a single parent and my 11 brothers and 12 sisters.

SKII:  Your given name was Maurice Harmon.  Why did you change it to Gymini?

Gymini:  My name is and will always be Maurice Harmon but, my artist name is Gymini.

SKII:  I’ve read, you have starred in a movie with Denzel Washington. 

Gymini:  Yes I did.  Not only did I appeared in a movie called Glory with Denzel Washington,  but  I’ve  also appeared in a movie called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with Morgan Freeman.  That movie was directed by Clint Eastwood in 1997.  I’ve also appeared in The Legend Of Bagger Vance alongside with Will Smith, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron in 2000.   After appearing in those movies and still doing my music,  I was honored to receive the “Key to the City of Vidalia, Georgia.”

SKII:  You began your music career first and then started  acting.   How did you become a roadie and backup dancer?

Gymini:   My  style is a variation of Hip Hop Crunk mixed with a Heavy Metal sound that captivates all audiences.   My music journey started when I moved to Jacksonville, Florida in the late 90’s as a roadie and a back -up dancer for the familiar hit song, “Tootsie Roll” which was sung and collaborated with the  “69 Boyz”  and  “DJ Trans”.   Being a Roadie and backup dancer for the 69 Boyz has made a major impact on my life. During that time,  I was given the nickname of “Double Deuce.”  I didn’t change my name to Gymini until much later.

After being a Roadie for many years, I decided to  venture  off and do my own thing.  I eventually released two successful singles called; “Girl with Thick Thighs” and “Ride Out.”  After being in the industry for a while doing my own music,  I decided to change my name from Double Deuce to Gymini.  I really felt like I was my own person now.  I am truly doing my own thing and I am making it work..  After  my  hit songs called “Girls With thick Thighs & Ride Out, I released my album called “Project Life”.  I had hits such as – “Ballers Wanna Ryde with Me”, “Windows of my Jail Cell” and “Welcome to the Seaport.”

In 2010, I released  “Split Personality” which featured my  hit single, ”Workin On My Nerves” with Big Sam of Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.   I’ve also released “Player’s Night Out,”.  I did that song with J.T. Money.  I have to honestly say that I was inspired by many, but Ice T taught me everything that I needed to know about the music game.

SKII:  I read, you are now a spokes person for a company called Trisenx Shareholders?  What is the company about? What made you become a spokesperson for this company?    

Gymini:  Yes I am.  After being in the music industry for so long, I decided to slow down and look at my life.  I asked myself…  Do I want to do music for the rest of my life.  I go to church.   I’m a GOD fearing  child of GOD.  I find myself speaking to GOD more than I used to talk to him.  So I turned to GOD and he gave me the answer.  “I needed stability in my life.”  So, GOD opened the door for me.   He made me a spokesperson for  a company called –  Trisenx Shareholders.   I am honored and  proud to be the first African American Hip Hop Artist to be sponsored by  Jagermeister  and Jager Music.  I am responsible for the “Grown & Sexy” movement in bringing awareness to the forefront of our world  to reduce Domestic Violence and conveying a life – threatening message, “Please Don’t Be No Dummy, Don’t Drink and Drive!!!!”

SKII:  If you can go back into time and/or to the future, what would you say to a younger  and/or older you? 

 Gymini:  Well, I would say to a younger me to be more conservative with my money.  Don’t spend the money on unnecessary things.  Purchase things with foundation.  Save, Save, Save.  Don’t give your money away.  Invest in reputable investments.  But, I would say that now as an adult too.  Many artists like myself back in the days have made that same mistake.  We were young and on top of the world.  So, as we made the money back then, we spent it.  As I was getting a little older, I began to realize that I needed to save my money.  So, I do have so money because of my investments  but, I would have had so much more if I would have had that one person or two who would have whispered in my ear to put my money away in a savings bank and to invest in things that would make you money.  That’s both for a younger me and older me.

SKII:  What’s next for you Gymini? 

Gymini:  Currently, I am the spokesperson for Trisenx Shareholders.   I am honored and proud to say that I am the first African American Hip Hop Artist to be sponsored by JagerMeister and Jager Music.  There’s a lot of other things happening but, This and more are next.  Keep an eye and an ear out for me.  I am here for a reason and GOD gave me this life to show the world “Who I AM.”   I have a testimony to tell and one day you would hear it.  To GOD Be The Glory.

SKII:  Gymini is truly an artist with no gimmicks.   He knew what he wanted and he kept striving until he attained it.  He like some other artists are a man of many talents.  I believe he have a testimony to tell.  It’s going to be big.  Gymini….   He’s  “A True Artist To His Name.”

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  1. You started out, Crawling, Standing, Walking,…………………………….now your are Trotting. Soon you will be Jogging then all out Running. Keep it moving in the right direction. If you can help it, stay Off the Fence (Offence). Don’t worry about sitting on The Fence, (Defence), because if your Values and Truths are real, why do you have to Defend them. Action, is a Bullhorn. (Louder than Words). Proud of you Hood Fam;o)

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