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Danielle & Mandy Waheed:

We had the honor of getting into the IMS circuit for the past two years now.  So we are still babies out here in the industry. 


Our niche products are women’s bustiers.  They are constructed out of Lambskin leather.   We work so closely with the tailor to keep a consistent supply on our items.  It truly is a beautiful niche that no one else could compete with us. 


We traveled all around the country this year.  We’ve  traveled from Texas to New York.   We also traveled out west to Vegas. 

People just freaked out when we put the bustier on them.   They just love it.  It’s something new and we are out here offering our product to the opening market. 


SKII:  Is your product custom fitted?  You said, you would measure someone’s body and make the item fit them correctly?


Danielle:  Absolutely.  We have a trained staff here that works so well with the consumers.  It’s more of a party when they come in here.  Everybody has a good time. 


SKII:  Do you have a partner working with you??


Danielle:  Yes.  My wife Mandy is my partner.  Mandy and I do a lot of work making it all possible and we love it.  We go all around the country East and West Coast putting on a great show. 


SKII:  How would  someone get in contact with you if they want to purchase your bustier?


Danielle:  We have a new website.  Anyone can reach us on….

IceHouseLeather.com  We are on Facebook and Twitter as IceHouseLeather.com  We are working on all of our social media platforms now, we love to hear shoutouts. 


SKII:  How much would a corsette cost?


Danielle:  We have 26 styles and they are all $99.99. 

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