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Amanda Nyasia Edited pic

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Amanda Dodson

SKII:  Amanda Dodson – is an Actress and a model.  She has done fashion shows as well as photo shoots.  She has also appeared in many theatrical productions.  She recently starred in a television pilot. She graduated with a degree in television and in radio.  She’s aspiring to be all she can possibly be. Amanda is young but, she knows where she wants her career to go.  Amanda Dodson – Making Strides in the Industry. 

SKII:  Tell me who Amanda Dodson is?

Amanda:  Amanda Dodson is a young 22-year old entrepreneur.  I have been acting for a very long time.  I did theatre initially and then I began modeling in fashion shows as well as doing photo shoots.  I also did school plays.  I fell in love with the stage and the camera.  I graduated with a degree in television and radio from Rider University. 

I played a nun, Sister Mary Xavier in a pilot called – Pray For Us Sinners.  It was directed and written by a fantastic man, Marino Amoruso, who unfortunately, after the production ended, passed away.     The pilot is in limbo right now.  It was a very interesting role.  I’ve never played a role like this before.  I’m short and a blonde with blue eyes.  The roles I am used to playing is a mean girl or someone who is kind of wild.  But, never a NUN.  That was totally different. 

The funniest thing was it wasn’t a NUN like you would have suspected a NUN to be.  She was very harsh.  She disciplined the children with a ruler.  Marino Amoruso – the director, wrote this based on his Catholic school experiences and his up-bringing.  Jackie Martling was in it as well as Joe Gannascoli of Sopranos fame.  It was awesome.  I’m hoping someone would pick it up and continue with the project.

SKII:  What schools have you attended?

Amanda:  John P. Stevens H.S. in Edison New Jersey, which is where I grew up.  I then went to Rider University where I just graduated from this past May.  It’s located in Lawrenceville, NJ.  It was a small school. 

I graduated in Television and Radio Communications with a Double Minor in Public Relations and Journalism.  I consider myself well rounded.  I like the stage, the screen and being behind the camera.  I had an internship with Fox29 in Philadelphia.  There, I was a Junior Reporter.  It was an amazing experience and opportunity to just be involved with being a Journalist as well.  And now, I’m jumping more into the field of acting which is my passion.  I just wanted to explore some things before I set my mind, my time and my heart into acting full time. 

SKII:  I heard you have a sister.  You’re are one half of a twin sister.  Tell me something about that?

Amanda:  My sister does not act.  We are twins but, we look totally different.  My sisters name is Samantha.   I’m blonde with blue eyes and Samantha has brown hair and hazel eyes.  She is approximately 3 inches taller than me.  That’s funny.  She’s actually a Spanish teacher and I’m an actor.  Our careers are quite the opposite as well as our personalities. But, we are best friends at the end of the day. 

SKII:  Other than the big screen, have you ever done any stage plays?

Amanda:  I’ve been involved with plays since I was very young.  I’ve always loved the stage.  When I was a senior in high school, I played Maureen Johnson in Rent.  It was my favorite because Maureen was such a strong character.  It was a fun character to play.  I don’t sing the way I used to sing but, the acting part is still there and it will never leave. 

SKII:  Tell me about your up-coming role on Broadway/

Amanda:  Ohhhh.  This is very exciting.  It’s an off Broadway play titled…  “Really, This Is My World”.  I’m working with Carl Sabatino as far as co-writing the story.  It’s very exciting.  I can’t give too much away because its in pre-production which will be coming out in 2016.  There will be dancing, a little singing and comedy.  It’s going to be a 15 week run.  We will be doing it in Los Angeles and New York.  We definitely have some great talents which are involved with this project but, the contracts have not been signed yet.  So I can’t reveal any names as of yet.  I’m very excited about this.  I truly think that it will be something that will launch my career. 

SKII:  So, you’ve done a reality television show.  Tell me something about that.  What was your role?

Amanda:  I had a part in the reality show called – Human Resources.  It’s a television show about recycling.  It was very funny.  You can find it on Pivot TV.  It’s a television show with a comedy.  It’s also a documentary about a business called Terra Cycle which is located in Trenton New Jersey.  They recycle everything from cigarette butts to plastic to used toys, etc.  It’s a competition between guys and girls to see who recycles the most.  The way I got involved with this show…  I was part of a sorority in my school and we competed with a fraternity.  The winners will win two Adirondack chairs and bragging rights.  I felt – the bragging rights was much more appealing than the chairs.  We won.  That was fun. 

I was just in an MTV Broke A$$ game show where you would get stopped in the streets and was asked to do ridiculous things for money.  It was exciting too.  I don’t know when that show would air.

SKII:  If you could go back into time, what would you tell a younger you?

Amanda:  If I can tell a younger Amanda anything, it probably would be…   to keep going.  Try not to give up on what you’re doing.  The reason I said to try not to give up is…  because you can’t help to think about something like that.  You would want to give up on everything sometimes.  Especially when they are not going your way.  But you can’t.  Work as hard as you can.  For as long as you can.  Just “Live Your Dreams”.  Don’t give up.  Just keep going.  Your dreams are everything and you have to do everything to make it happen.  You have to be your own manager, agent, entrepreneur.  You have to be your biggest fan.  At the age of 22, I feel, I am behind in the game.  I should have started in this field much younger.  But, it’s never too late to do anything.  Don’t be lazy young Amanda.  Do everything to attain your dreams.  Be everything for yourself.   Don’t Give Up On Yourself. 

SKII:  Who inspires you?

Amanda:  I inspire myself.  When you have a passion, you have to push yourself.  That’s what I am doing.  Pushing myself to be the best I can possibly be.  My parents of course and my sister have always been driving forces behind me.  They supported me in everything that I have done.  Carl Sabatino inspires me too.  I’m going to call him my agent/manager/therapist/friend.  He encompasses a lot of things.  He pushes me to become successful.  Also, I don’t want to leave this person out.  Mariska Hargitay – from Law & Order/SVU.  My sister and I have always been huge fans of her.  We had the opportunity to meet her about six years ago.  We met her in her trailer and she invited us on her set.  I always admired her as an actress.  When we first met, she embraced me with her warmth.  She was the kindest, sweetest and most down to earth person you would ever meet.  It really touched my heart that she took the time to speak to me and my sister.  We found out that she is an actress and an activist.  She started “Joyful Heart Foundation”.  That is something that I would want to do.  When I become famous as an actress, I would want to do something that would make a difference in peoples lives like her.  She definitely inspires me.  She probably doesn’t remember meeting me but, on that day, when I first met her six years ago, she definitely left an impression with me.  There are a lot of other people that inspires me but, yeah she tops the list.  

SKII:  What’s next for Amanda Dodson? 

Amanda:  What’s next for me is my off Broadway show that I am co-writing with Carl Sabatino.  I’m very excited about that.  It’s my baby.  I’m also taking acting classes with Billy Lyons at the Wynn Handman Studios in New York.  He is fantastic.  A lot of great actors have come from that studio.   I’m hoping to wake up one day, when someone finds me and say, I want to offer you this role.  It just takes one person or one outstanding role that can make you or break you.  That one person that would see you and would say, I want him or her to be in my major movie.  I’m very excited about the future.  I’m very hopeful. 

SKII:  She’s young, beautiful and determined.  She knows the direction she wants to go but, at times there are some obstacles in her way.  Amanda knows there are going to be obstacles in her path, but she has a strong will to keep climbing for the top. 

Amanda working out

Amanda in red

Amanda in white



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