Albert Felder / Angry Elephant

I interviewed  Mr. Albert Felder, the founder of Angry Elephant, over the phone today.  AF currently reside in Florida.  AF stated, he loves Florida.  He is making his design known in Florida. People  in Florida  know his name.   AF is not the sole owner of Angry Elephant.  His partners are… (James), who is a silent partner,  his brother (Ty), who resides in Staten Island and a friend who is like a brother to them (Gabe).  We all grew up together and now, we own this company together.  AF, A native New Yorker, was born in Brooklyn N.Y. but was raised in Staten Island, N.Y.  I am currently living in florida with my Angry Elephant t-shirts bringing awareness to the concept.   AF is also the designer of Angry Elephant.  He stated, he came up with the concept after watching a National Geographic documentary about elephants.  He said, he felt bad when the documentary showed theelephants being slaughtered for their tusks.  At that very moment is when the concept of Angry Elephants came into existence.  AF said his partner TY was with him when he came up with the idea.  My brand was established in 2007.  We wanted to raise awareness about our elephants.

I always wanted to start my own business since Public school.  My mom would say,  start writing your ideas  and your drawings  down in your book.  So, I began drawing.  I looked at the designs back in the days, and I would say to myself, I can do that better. I knew what my calling was –  way back then. You know, I really wanted to become an architect. I wanted to build houses. When I was young, I would use Lego’s to build things. Then you grow up, and sometimes what you want as a child changes and you take a different road to a new beginning. That is what I have done. I have taken another road to another destination. If you want to stand up for issues such as Breast Cancer Awareness, child abuse, and all the negativity in the world you can wear an Angry Elephant t-shirt.

I then asked AF;  Whats your expectations in life?  He then stated;  My expectation is to raise awareness towards poverty, abuse against people and elephants.  I want to bring that awareness back to life.  Five years from now, I plan on being somewhere in Africa;  out in the wild where the elephants are.  I want to feel, touch, and talk to the elephants.  My mom inspired me to be the person I am today.  My mom  is very creative. She is a person who holds my heart in the palms of her hands.  If it wasn’t for my mom telling to be creative and write your thoughts and drawings down as a child, I would not have came up with the concept of Angry Elephants.  Thanks mom and Thank you GOD.


 4 years ago

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 4 years ago

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