Zachery Beccera “I’m A Super Hero” Story & Pics coming in Up-Coming Issue

Zachary Becerra


Tell me something about you  Zachary?

Zachary:  My name is Zachary Beccera.  I’m 7 years old and I go to PS 84.  I’m in the 2nd grade. 

Why did you want to go to the different precincts?

Zachary:  Officer Lui & Officer Ramos died.  That’s why.  I felt sad about them because the bad people did not kill them by accident.  They did it on purpose. 

Rosa Ortiz (Zachary Mother):  When the officers passed away Zachary said he wanted to do something.  I honestly didn’t know what to do.  My friend posted a video on Face Book about an organization called; Cards For Cops.  They actually go out to the city and ask kids to make cards for the officers. The Organization then goes out to the streets and hand them out to the cops.  So after Zachary and I saw the video, the light bulb went off in my head.  Zachary wanted to do that as long as the cards has super heroes on them.



\Zachary w Cops

Why did you want to put Super Heroes on the cards and give it to the police Officers Zachary?

Zachary:  Because The Police Officers help to protect the city.  They are strong.  They help us all the time.  They are Super Heroes.

Rosa (then said):  I made my first 50 cards with pictures of Super Heroes on them from Walgreens and we handed them out to the 90 precinct.  I thought that was the end of this journey but, Zachary then asked “where are we going next?”  So, we did the local precincts around my area which was the 79, 83 & the  94  precincts.  I thought that was it but he asked me where are we going next mommy.  He said, I want to visit every precinct.  So, ever since then we’ve been going to every precinct where Zachary would hand out his Super Heroe cards to them.  We did a lot of precincts including the one where Officer Lui and Officer Ramos worked.  The 084 precinct.  We’ve done every borough.  One week I would do Brooklyn.  The other week I would do Manhattan, Queens, Bronx & Staten Island.

*At that moment, I presented Zachary with one of my magazinesSKIIMAGAZINEwith Detective Lui & Detective Ramos on the back page.  I dedicated that page to them for a year.  I told Zachary that I worked with these officers that was killed.  He was excited.*


As of Today, How many precincts have you and Zachary gone to?

Rosa:  As of today, we’ve gone to 61 precincts. 

Zachary w Dog

How do you feel about what you’ve started  Zachary?


Zachary:  I am Happy.  When I meet them, I tell them my name and then I say, Thank You for your hard work and service while I am shaking their hands.  I get to meet some of the dogs they work with.


What type of super heroes are on your card Zachary?


Zachary:  They are Adventures super heroes.  Incredible hulk, Iron man, Thor, Captain America, Batgirl, Batman, Superman, Spiderman & Storm.


How many cards do you distribute to these precincts?


Rosa:  We handed out more than 300 cards to the precincts so far.


Where were you born and raised Rosa?


Rosa:  I was born and raised in Greenpoint Brooklyn, New York.  I’ve been there all of my life.


Is Zachary your only child?


Rosa:  I have an older daughter who is 17 years old.  She, like Zachary is also involved with the community.  She used to work for  Greenpoint Youth Court.  She also worked with NYPD as part of Youth Corp.  Youth Court is a group designed by The Justice Division of the Courts for Juveniles who are arrested.  After they are process, they get referred to them.  They have a Youth Court in Bronxville and in Red hook.  Some cases get referred to the Youth Court.  It depends on their charges.

Has everyone been interacting with Zachary within the police department?


Rosa:  Yes everyone has.  It’s a great feeling to be able to travel with my little son who is so motivated to bringing love to the police department.  He is so young with a determination to do this because he cares.  Before we go to the different precincts, we usually call the precincts and ask if its ok for us to visit their precinct.  They always say yes.  We go there.  Zachary hand out his Super Heroes cards to the Police officers there.  We take pictures and then Zachary asks, where do we go next?  It’s a great feeling.


I first met Zachary at 1 Police Plaza Head Quarters.  He gave a speech.  Can you tell me whom invited him?


Rosa:  Zachary was personally invited by The Police Commissioner.  He wanted to meet Zachary. He gave him a huge poster with his super heroes on it. He also gave him A Commissioners jacket along with the Commissioners mini shield.


I know you’ve been to 61 precinct,  how many more do you have to go to?


Rosa:  We’ve been to 61 precincts so far out of a total of 77.   So, we have a total of 16 more precincts to do.  Now, that’s the precincts.  We still have to go to the Housing & Transit precincts.  So far, we’ve been to 2 Housing, 8 Transits precinct and 14 Specialty units.  Zachary stand Roll Call with the different precincts.  After Roll Call, Zachary hand out his Super Heroes cards and say…  Thank you for your hard work and service to the community.  I have also worked for NYPD as a School Safety Officer.  I am now a New York City Paralegal. Kids do the most amazing things.  My children are proof of that.  Before all of this, Zachary liked watching a lot of cop shows.  This was since he was 3 years old.  He knew how to dial 911 and he knew where he live at and his phone number from a young age. He has always inquired about things since a young age.

Because of what Zachary has been doing, it was noticed by several local news stations who wanted to do interviews on us.  We’ve  been on Channel 7 news.  Channel 2 news.  Fox News and Friends & Channel 4 Nightly News.


What’s next Rosa & Zachary?


Rosa:  Well, we have already started sending Zachary Super Heroe Cards to Police Departments outside of New York City.  We’ve sent cards to Dallas police department, Florida Police and Virginia Police departments so far.  I’m sure there are more to come.  (Rosa giggles).  Zachary told me he would like to be The Chief and then Police Commissioner one day.

Zachary:  Yes I do.  I want to be The Chief and Police Commissioner one day.  I love playing soccer and I love the Police Officers and their dogs.

Zachary would like to be The Chief Of The Police Department one day.  Soccer is his sport of choice.  All Cops are not bad.  They are his super heroes. All of this is coming from a 7 year old little boy who has big dreams for the future.  Zachary is an inspiration to all of us.  We need to listen to little Zachary and be encouraged by his message:  ALL COPS ARE NOT BAD COPS.  That’s why he hand out his super heroes cards to all of The police Officers.  Zachary Beccera is a true Super Heroe. 

Zachary w Water

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