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Setoria   She’s a singer, songwriter and producer of her own songs.  She’s been in the music industry for a while and now she manages herself because she knows what she wants.  What she wants  is an “UGLY MANAGER”. Setoria is her name and a singing sensation is her game.  

You have started a band to help produce your music.  Tell me something about your band? Categories

Setoria:  My band member’s names  are Jeremy Boyle he plays the guitar;  William (Preach) Woodson, who plays the bass, Uriel Carney  whose  a new  drummer of the band and the keyboard player is Antonio James. There are also 2 other members who are vocalists: Ronald (Rallo) Payton and DeMarco Boone. I haven’t  been with this band that long. It’s only  been a year and a half now.   Before this unit, I worked with several Go-go bands in the Maryland/DC area. I began performing with bands years ago, my first group was out of Baltimore called “TIHT”.  We were together for about two years. When my mom became sick,  I moved back home to the DC area to be with her. I stopped playing music for a while and took time out to become spiritually grounded.   I was also able to spend more time with my baby and mother. So as my mom became better,  I realized people were missing me.  People were calling me and asking if I was still singing.  With all of those calls from people and with everyone asking me about my craft, it felt like the music was calling me back, and I answered  that calling.  My purpose is to sing,  write and  inspire people. Upon re-entering the music world, I did not want the responsibility of having my own band unit  so I got involved with various Go-go bands. It just never worked out. Most of the bands out there are predominantly male so I didn’t find my position to be highly respected. I’m a head strong woman and I am not going to take any crap from anyone. Some folks respected my strength and aggressiveness and others didn’t like the fact that I refused to be “tamed”. So, through  networking and performing with a wide variety of outstanding musicians,  I began reaching out to those I had a rapport with.  I would call a musician and say hey this is Setoria would you play the drums or the guitar or the keyboard, etc.  for me?  My goal was to become well respected and to build a solid brand, so that musicians would have no problems playing for me.   And  from there, that’s when the new band was formed.  It’s an awesome band.  Daryl (Mixx) Franklin,  who is my “Ace in the Hole”, a producer who owns Collabrio  Studios (which is located in Fort Washington Maryland),  is where all the music and my songs are recorded.  He’s an awesome producer.


Setoria continued to say; I graduated from High Point High School in Beltsville Md.  I went to college online where I attained my bachelor’s degree in learning development.  Doing that and my 9 to 5, helped me to further my career.  It helped  me to pay my bills and support my family.  I’m taking the money I earn from my 9 to 5 along with the gigs that I do to fund my project. I do my own marketing, promotions and the bookings for the band.   I’m looking for a manager to help me do this.  My entire project, (photo shoots, music video for “Shorty” etc.) came out of my pockets.  I am a one woman machine.  I don’t mind doing it for now because it teaches me how the business is ran.  I’m not going to be that person,  when and if someone approach  me and say;  If you sign with me,  I can do this for you  or  I can do that for you and they don’t.  NO!  I can make a better judgment  or decision on which direction or even a decision of the people I want to deal with on my own, because I know how things are done.  You can’t tell me I can or cannot do something because I already know how to do it myself.  I’ve done it first hand,  so I know.  I know when someone is trying to BS me about something.  It’s not going to work.   I am the one speaking to the club owners.  I do all of my own paperwork.  I own my own publishing company.  So all of these things, I am doing it myself.  I’m an Indi Artist and I want a machine working behind me,  but I can’t seem to find someone  who  can take me to that next level.  Everyone I meet are like, oh I can help you get a website.  I already have that.  Oh I can  get  you a band.  I already have that.  Oh I can help you…… I already have that too. I am looking to go UP!  I just want to get out there and I don’t want to keep doing everything myself.  I want to be able to focus more on the art because right now, I’m focused  on the business.   Someone once told me…  “It’s not the music business – it’s the business of music.”   The business actually comes first.  People don’t realize that and now, I’m learning that.

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I know when my business isn’t straight, as an artist, I won’t be able to survive.  Being in the trenches and actually doing all these things myself, becomes tedious.  There is a lot of administrative work behind this.  I never knew that.   A lot of artists really don’t know about the “business” because they have other people doing those things for them.  If someone messes up or if something happens to you as an artist,  you are in the dark. You don’t know if the people who are managing you, are  actually doing the right thing.  And you don’t know if  your song is actually being played out there.  When the checks come rolling  in, you don’t know how much you are actually entitled to.  That’s how  a lot of people get jerked around.  Because  they don’t do their research. This type of situation forced me to do my own research.  I don’t listen to what other people say.  I have to really  get down there and do it myself.  A couple of weeks ago I was approached by two guys who said;  we are going to do XYZ for you.  Here’s a contract.  Sign on the dotted line.  So, as I’m reading through it, I said,   wait a minute.  This contract is one sided and it’s on your side.  What am I going to get for XY and Z?  If you said your going to take half of this and half of that.  What’s left for me?  They were speechless.  That’s because I am a well rounded business woman at this point of my career.  For the level I am at now, I can see how some people get screwed. I type up my own agreements and consult with my own lawyer when I’m dealing with gigs at clubs or whatever.  I’m online researching different  ways  things are supposed to be worded. So when someone approach  me with stuff like that, I know what  it supposed to look like, or at least have an idea. Being smart enough to do my homework and consult with counseling makes me feel stronger.  I feel more empowered.  I feel like I’m more in charge of my destiny.  But at the same time, I need some help. I need someone who is sharp so I can focus more on my craft. I’m a full business woman  and the person I want to represent me have to have their stuff together.  Because I know what I want and expect from that person.  As I stated earlier, I’ve been doing it on my own and I know what I need.  And right now, if you want to manage me, you have to be strong and determined to do a better job than what I have been doing.  This business is ugly.  You, being my manager have to be ugly too.  So I’m looking for an ugly manager.  You can’t be afraid of making moves because I’m not.  I feel,  all of the pieces in my tool box is finally coming together.  They are not just sitting there. I just need a few more pieces until I am complete.  And believe me, they are coming.  So if you’re an ugly manager with the tools to fit into my tool box, “Hit Me Up!”  Join me in finishing up my work in making my tool box complete. Do you write songs for other artists? Setoria:  I’m just writing songs for myself right now.  But I do have a catalogue of songs that I would like to give to other artists.  There are songs that I wrote  years ago and I don’t feel that way anymore.  I write songs  about things that are  going on in my life.  I have a lot of sad, sad songs because I’ve been through a lot.  As a young woman, you sometime find yourself going through some things.   And if you don’t go through those things, there’s no testimony to what you’ve been through.   I have a lot of music that would make you feel sad because I was going through that depressing state of mind.  But now I feel strong.  That’s why most of my songs today are about what I want, how I want it and making it happen.  Like my new release “#Hustle”,  I’m so excited about that song because that is how I’m feeling right now.  I am my own manager, booking agent and publisher for my company.  I feel like superwoman.  I am superwoman.  And lately, I’ve been feeling  like that every day.  I wear many hats.  It’s a juggle and It’s a humbling experience.   And I love it. “#Hustle”  is about that grind in me.  When people tell me, I can’t do this and I can’t do that, I tell them – You know what,  “Yes I Can.”  Not only can I do it, I AM doing it.  And if you don’t believe me, just watch me.  See for yourself  because  “I Am Doing It. Right Now”


Who named you Setoria: Setoria:  My mom did.  It’s an amazing story.  My mom told me;  When she was in 3rd grade, there was a girl in her classroom named Setoria Jackson.   She said she loved the name Setoria so much,  that she wanted to name her child that.  I said to my mom; OK mom.  How could you remember someone’s name from the 3rd grade to about the time you had me?  My mom said; Every doll baby she received as a kid, she named her Setoria until she got her first live doll baby.  I was like….  OMG!  That’s so sweet mom.  I thought that was the cutest thing.  I told her…  That’s hot! So when people ask me, what does your name mean?  I’m like “Singing Angel”.  There it is.  “Singing  Angel”.  (Setoria laughs).  Maybe, I should start telling them the name means… “Singing Doll Baby”.  I love telling that story because it is so beautiful to me. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Setoria:  I have 1 sister and a half brother on my father’s side. Has singing always been something you wanted to do? Setoria:  To be honest with you, when I was younger,  I grew up with my mom being  in the military,  I  was supposed to follow in her footsteps.  I was supposed to go into the military too.  I was in JROTC (the Airforce ROTC) when I was in high school.  When I went into the 11th grade I told my mom I didn’t want to do this.  My mom said why?  I told her the military is not for me.  She said the military is not for anybody.  But you just do what you have to do.  I didn’t have a college fund.  We didn’t have any money.  My mommy said, “This is the only way out”.  I said mommy, there has to be another way.  I don’t want to do it.  So I didn’t. I’ve always been an artsy person.  And I never knew I was so artsy until someone else told me that I was.  I thought  I was just being me.  It amazes me.  This other girl had mentioned me in a post.  She made a statement that I have always been an artsy type of person.  You’ve been that way since high school she said.   I never knew that.  I was truly just being me. I grew up singing in church, choirs, etc and I’ve always written poetry.  I can sketch a little but, it’s always been poetry.  So to answer your question..  It’s  No, I didn’t always think of doing it as a career-it’s just something that has always been a part of my DNA. It was just something that was always a part of me. The thought of singing professionally was something that came a little later in high school when I learned that my poetry could be turned into music.  That’s when I decided to “Come Out”. Tell me something no one knows about you? Setoria:  I love boxing and football.  That’s my favorite past time.  I’m a Pittsburg Steelers fan.  “I LOVE”  Applesauce.  I drink it right out of  the container.  I also have a fascination with kitchen gadgets.  But I never owned a toaster. (Setoria laughs). Also, I just met my father a few years ago. I never knew how he looked.  Never knew anything about him except  his name.   That’s a relationship where we are still trying to build on.  I feel that I’ve done my part in finding him.  And now he needs to pick up the pieces from there.  And  If he doesn’t want to, then it’s alright too.  You can’t miss something you never had.  My mom did a great job raising me.

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I am on a radio show called “Partymode Live”. The show is powered by  This radio show is about  “the culture of Go-go and Hip-Hop music”  The show  airs  every Friday 6:00 – 10:00 pm EST.   I just signed on to another radio station on called  “Da Street$ Talkin”.  We will launch the show on March 5, 2015 and  it  will air every Thursday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST. “Da Street$ Talkin”  is a station for ALL Indi artists of every genre and entrepreneurs of all kinds.  This is my way of giving back. I absolutely LOVE it! Whats your aspirations in life Setoria? Setoria:  I want to be the best role model for my daughter.  I want her to see her mom as being a strong black woman.  I want her to be a strong black woman as well.  I want to teach her to be the very best she can be.  She’s my everything.   My daughter is my biggest inspiration.  I want to leave her with something in life.  I want her to see a positive woman up front.  My mom once told me, I’m the first book my daughter has ever read.  I thought that was awesome.  My mom also said, I was her first friend.  No one knows how much that melted my heart.  I have a responsibility.  Some people don’t get that deep with their kid but they should.  That’s what keep us together.   If I didn’t have her,  I probably would have been all over the place.  I think about her and I think about how she looks at me.  I think about the type of woman I want her to be.  So that’s what keeps me together.  It’s my baby.   My mom, she is another inspiration to me.  Even though she was sick, I saw her strength.  I saw this lady going through all this pain.  But the way she’s handling it, just leaves me speechless.   I don’t want to appear weak in front of my mom either.  I’m not going to make my mom look at me and say…  what is wrong with you?  You know you’re better and stronger than that.  And I am.  These two (my mom and my daughter) keep me grounded. I pray on my gift everyday.  I’ve made certain agreements with GOD.  We’ve had our talks.  I had to give up a lot of bad habits.  We are always tempted to do stuff. And when we do,  GOD would say see I told you so.  I don’t want to mess with GOD.  He can take my gift away from me.  I’m afraid that one day I would wake up and I wouldn’t be able to sing a note.  So that’s why I said I want to leave something for my daughter.  When I make it to where I want it to be, (with GOD’s help) I know I can reassure my daughter that everything is going to be fine.  Your mom worked hard for the things she has and I want you to follow in my footsteps.  Nothing is given to you unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and we weren’t.  So hard, determined, willing to grind, strong minded, and willing to learn new things is what I’ve been doing.  I want that to be instilled in her.  And I want my daughter to look at me and say, my mother is  a very strong black woman. What’s next for you Setoria?


Setoria:  I want to find a manager.  (we both laughed).  I am completing my album.  I’m going to release 1 more single.  called “Your Woman.”  It’s about to be released in  2 months.  That song is very special to me because it explores the sensual side of me.  Yes!  You know I’m a bulldog,  You know I can handle my own as being focused  and driven.  But now,  you’ll  be able to see this woman who has a sensual side as well.  It’s a very sexy song which is being sung in my lower registered voice, more like a Phyllis Hyman or  Lalah Hathaway.  I want everyone to hear my vocals in a different way.  If you put me in a genre, it will be R&B Soul.  But when you really listen to my music, you will hear Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Pop and Go-go.   You will be able to hear it all within my music and my songs.  I call my mixture of different sounds “Gumbo”.  That’s the genre I am creating.  “Gumbo”.  2015 is going to be my year.  I want to tour over seas where everyone is playing my songs the most.  This and many more things, is what’s next for me.

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