RECAP OF JACOB JAVITS MOTORCYCLE SHOW – 12/11/15 thru 12/13/15….

Attached:   are pictures and stories of people who attended The Jacob Javits MotorCycle Show 12-11-15 thru 12-13-15.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing 5 Merchants within the MotorCycle Show.   Their Exclusive interviews are below.

DSC_0030 Jacob Javits Motor Cycle Show 12/11/15 thru 12/13/15!!! 

DSC_0069 Motor Cycle Riders

DSC_0015 He’s a Veteran who lost one of his legs  while fighting in a war.  He watched as some of his friends died and he survived.  He has to relive the lost of his friends for the rest of his life.  The Indian Motorcycle company had given him The motorcycle he is sitting on as a gift on the first day of opening of the Jacob Javits Motorcycle Show (Press Day) 12-11-15.   


DSC_0079 Duby & Miri Nevo are a husband and wife team from Caesarea Russia  and they started a motorcycle tour company in Russia called BIKELIFE.  The Tours includes:  tours of Emi Kida Caesarea ruins;  Mountains & the Valley of Jerusalem;  a Desert Tour which starts at the Judean Desert and ends at the Dead Sea; Gilboa Tour Menashe Forest where you can see the Jeezreel Valley which ends at the Crusaders Fortress of Belvuar – stunning view of Jordan Valley;   and a Carmel Tour  which starts at Mt. Carmel showing you the Views of Mediteranian – All done on a motorcycle and All done in Israel. For more information contact them via: +972-50-8289545. 

DSC_0060 Mike In Sling Shot

DSC_0049 STREETVISE is a Metal device which mounts onto your motorcycle and it holds your cellphone (smartphones) and GPS –  with a built in USB Charger which adjusts to your motorcyle while your riding.  STREETVISE is a Father & Daughter  owned company.  Dale Stark and Stephanie Stark.  It has a Lifetime Warranty.  They are based North of Chicago.  If you need to get in contact with them, you can contact them at:  Stark Raving 

DSC_0053 Family having Fun….

DSC_0037 Biggest Truck Ever!!!

DSC_0073 Matt Gentile works for the New York State Motor Cycle Program.  He states it’s a program which helps people to ride Motorcycles.  It’s a basic 15 hours riding class.  10 hours on the motorcycle and 5 hours in the class.   It gets you the endorsement for your license.  Matt has been a Rider Coach for 7 years.  I have a passion for motorcycles.  That’s how I became involved with this.  You can get in contact with me via email

DSC_0118 CMA Buddies

DSC_0119 Progressive Girls


DSC_0094 The cutest thing ever seems to be getting the attention of everyone in the Jacob Javits Center Motorcycle Show.  She is dressed in a motorcycle jacket with glasses and a small helmet.  This cute little pup name is Tippy.  Tippy ‘s owner Sue has been working for Tramas for 3 years strong as a Motorcycle Instructor.  Traumas is a Motorcycle Driving School.  Everywhere Sue goes, Tippy goes along with her.  She has had Tippy since she was 3 years old.  She sits on the bike just like any other back seat bike rider.  Sue started her career as a Instructor in Troy New York.  She then worked for another company in Rochester New York before coming to Tramas.  If they want to learn how to ride the motorcycle, they can go to WWW.Tramas.Com

DSC_0095 Bea Tramas Team

DSC_0089 Santa Helper

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