Nyasia Mitchell

I  am a  Mother of two children, who is constantly keeping me busy.  I work a full time job  and   still, I find time to go to church and live my dreams. My handsome son Jay-Wyatt who is seven and my beautiful daughter Leah , who is one years old, are the inspirations of my life.  They both inspired me to design baby clothes.  Then of course, my mom.  She is the driving force behind me. Mom always told me to dream big and go after what you want. I did what she said and now, I am a Supervisor for a franchising company.

_AAW0548I am an actress, singer and an  inspirational poetry writer and  I go to church every Sunday (GOD willing).   I sing in the Choir and Praise/Worship team at church.   I just love praising the Lord.   I’ve acted in many  plays and danced as a professional dancer in most.  I am currently working on publishing my poetry book and now, I  am a  designer of an adult clothing line called SKII Fashions…  and  co-owner of  a baby clothing line called – Baby Vision Visor. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a designer. With the help of my mother, my dreams are coming true.  My  mom and I joined forces when we  both came up with the name  “Baby Vision Visor.”      My  mom   and  I  would  collaborate on designs for babies.   We hired a seamstress to make the designs  for us.   Thank you Angela.  We also started making and sewing  some of the baby clothes and adult clothes on our own.   “Baby Vision Visor” clothing line ranges  in  sizes    from  12  months  to  a  regular  size  10.    SKII Fashions  is  a clothing  line  for  adults.   SKII  Fashions  and Baby Vision Visorclothing lines, is  where I get the chance to showcase my talent.   Designing clothes  for  adults  and children have always been a desire of mine.  Before I was able to walk or talk, I was drawing.  Drawing have  always  been my passion.  I get so excited just talking   about this.

I  am  a  person who could draw anything.   From  designing  a building  to designing   clothes.   You name it, I  could draw it.  I  grew  up  with no courses in drawing,  It  just came easy for me.   When you see my clothing line, you might say,  there’s  the  next Donna Karen of fashion.    SKII Fashions  and  Baby Vision Visor will be featured  in  the  pre-launching of  SKII  Magazines event,  on  July 20th, 2014. I get inspired  to do great things by my mom, Anngeannette.  She would push me to do better than the last time.  My mom would push me beyond my  limits.   I am so happy to  have  her in my life.  Thank you mom for  pushing me  and inspiring me  to be the best  I can be.  Thank you GOD for putting my mom and my children in my life.

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  1. Hey ms. Mitchell u ladies have done a great job…u have a well organize team and I think u all gonna make it through the industry.ur doin a great job for a mother of two.

  2. I was told to check out this website from my best friend and I am impressed. I love all the articles that was presented. I look forward to reading more and looking forward to see this positive magazine progress. I love to see positive people strive to reach there dreams as well as help promote others. My God continue to bless you all and your accomplishments.

  3. Everything comes with a purpose in life. There’s no limit to reaching the top. SkII ‘s the limit. I love doing what I do and love who I am. God gave you life so use it.

  4. Thank you Ms. Lewis and Ms. Grant for your thoughts and compliments I appreciate it a lot. I’m grateful to be apart of this movement with my mother so be on a lookout for a lot more to come.

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