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Michael D. Ferguson

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Michael Ferguson is the President/CEO of “Visions Human Development”. He is a Psychologist, Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Coach, Metaphysical Practitioner, and working in all areas of assisting Peoples and Companies to become more Successful.

SKII: How long have you been in business, at this location?

Michael: Visions is a Success Oriented Company committed to providing Worldwide Personal Development Services to companies and individuals. Visions will assist you in expanding your consciousness so that you possess endless possibilities and untapped inner talents and an abundance of personal intelligence. My major enjoyment is to give seminars in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and other international cities discussing topics on expanding your creativeness, creating personal success, manifesting abundance, happiness and whatever your specific goals.

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Our 1050 Ocean Avenue, office is Visions headquarters. We’ve been here for about eight years first coming to Brooklyn in 1998, when my company received a Federal contract with the Eastern District of Brooklyn – providing mental health and substance abuse services. Visions also have offices in Detroit Michigan, and Shenzhen China. This summer Visions will open a office in Shanghai China. Visions also has a contract with New York State working with clients arrested for DWI, or DYI.

I basically continued to developed myself once I came to New York after getting my graduate degrees at Michigan State. I’d said to myself that I wanted to be good at whatever I did, and I wanted to make money, to be happy, healthy and I wanted to have an international company. I was about twenty-eight, at that time. Once I had impregnated my mind with that kind of thinking, the seed was planted then I started the developmental work utilizing the meta-physic principles to manifest my goals. As this process is embodied there is a renewal in consciousness which brings forth an abundance of personal insights to move you beyond self imposed limitations or restrictions. This new awareness will materialize your personal blue print for Personal Success. All of my objectives have manifested. I teach all of my clients this similar process.

SKII: Where were you born and raised?

Michael: I was born in Texas.  My mom moved me to the Midwest – Detroit, Michigan when I was about one year old. I grew up in the Midwest, where I eventually went to college there and then eventually, I came to New York,  probably the best move I’ve ever made! I was thinking about moving to Toronto, but I moved to New York instead.


SKII: Is this the only location of your company?

Michael: Visions has a office in Manhattan at 57 St. Marks Place. We also have an office in Detroit, Michigan, where we have contracts with BOP.

I have a subcontractor working that contract, now. As previously stated Visions has a office in Shenzhen, China. The biggest thing I’m excited about is that my company Visions, is everything I have visualized. We have to start working towards our goals from that point. Visions Shenzhen office is right next to Hong Kong. We’ve had that office in China for the past six years. I use that office to go to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. I constantly go there to seek out businesses and business opportunities. Probably next year, I was thinking about having an office in Hong Kong also. I just saw the opportunity, a foot in the door approach, which I try to advise some of my clients to research a particular area to see what kind of opportunities they can acquire.

If  Visions had a DDP there I would probably be a billionaire, because they have major big cities, Beijing, Changsha, Shenyang, Shanghai, and Chengdu, just a lot of cities where they are arresting more people for DWI. Visions Shenzhen office is also an English training center and catered to middle, and high school students, assisting them to elevate their English while also aiding them in getting the appropriate Visas and paperwork, to attend American Universities. This is all part of Visions we help people in a myriad of ways. When clients they don’t have enough money, I work with them and let them know that through their own level of consciousness, they can develop their goals and objectives toward bringing more opulence into their lives. “That they can do it”

Currently, I’ve invited some clients at Visions to come to Shenzhen, and they’d say, “I don’t have the money. How much is the plane fare?” I’d say, “Economy off-peek is eight hundred ninety-nine dollars. Now, if you don’t have the money, you’ve got a problem. You need to have more of a flow in your life. So, you may need to talk to me about that. It can be numerous things that people don’t have and they can’t do, but working with them to let them see that they can produce and create more in their life. I always say, “Bringing a situation from invisibility, to visibility”. I’ve never seen a BMW 740i , or a six hundred thousand dollar condo, on 3rd Avenue and 34th Street fall from the sky. The magic is in your mind. It’s the way you think. I tell people, “Oh, that’s a beautiful necklace. You got it for two thousand dollars. What did you think when you first saw it in the jewelry shop? Did you say, “Oh, I don’t have the money, but it makes me look beautiful. I can get a little money from my boyfriend, or my husband!” Then, I’d ask, “Did you get it?” They’d say, “Yes, Michael. I got it!” The same law is operating from your two thousand dollars necklace to the six hundred thousand dollars condo, or the beautiful seven hundred thousand dollars, six thousand square foot, beautiful house in New Jersey, or in Beverly Hills. The same laws are at work. There’s no differentiation. So, you have to work with that. One of my great teachers said, “It’s like a bootstrap operation. You work with over, and over again”.

SKII: Tell me a little about your motto – Learn to transform within.

Michael: I always say, transform your inner potential. I named my company Visions because Visions pertains to your ability to see.  However, a lot of people are not seeing. With Visions, we try to help them see more and understand more, and then we assist them in developing a program of what they want to do, accomplish, or to have or manifest. In order to do that you’ll need a tune-up.  You need to go into the hallway of your mind, and of your thinking.



You need to do an assessment of the way you think. I always ask people – “What were you thinking today before you came to the office? What were you thinking about, last night before you went to bed? That is a reflection of who you are. So transforming your inner potential, is going in and looking and understanding the way you think. Looking at what you have manifested in your life. Look at what you want to have. You are an individualization of the highest power in the universe, you are entitled to have whatever you want to have”. Most people don’t believe that. It’s up to you to believe and have the faith of your own conviction. I’m appalled that we don’t find more opulence in the churches and within the people that attend the churches. This kind of teaching and being is an individualization of the higher power in the universe, you have the authority to achieve and manifest. But, what I think happens is that people have put themselves in a position where they beg, “Oh please GOD, please Higher Power, help me”. I always say, that when they do that, the Eternal Spirit is looking down at them as they beg and reply, “My son/daughter you need not beg. You just have to know that you are an individualization of Me. Everything I am, you are”. You have to have the faith and conviction and only then you will have whatever your desires are.

SKII: You’re a Speaker at, New York Center for Spiritual Living. How long have you been a Speaker there?

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Michael: For many years I have given lectures at various churches. Some years ago, my teacher Dr. Stuart Grayson at Alice Tully Hall, was a minister and I was one of his students. I received my credentials as a Metaphysician Practitioner. It took three years.  Essentially, that was when I elevated myself. My degrees in Psychology was not the pinnacle. The pinnacle was my evolution in Metaphysics. Studying metaphysics, understanding metaphysics, and bringing in the spiritual component was absolutely essential. So, over the years, I continued to attend. That’s my substance and that’s my supply. I tell myself, “I’m just in my infancy”.

SKII: What’s your role in the church? 

Michael: I’m on the Board of Directors. I’m Treasurer, and I’m Metaphysic Practitioner, there. When the minister ask me to give a specific lecture I will talk at the church. I work with other clients who want me to do a spiritual mind treatment for them. To assist them into transforming their conscientiousness and they may have some kind of ailment; they may need more money; they might need a particular job and in my opinion, a spiritual mind treatment.  I wrote this treatment several years ago. I will read this one for you. I wrote this treatment on July 15, 2005 at Starbucks coffee shop, in Shenzhen, China. (Michael begins to read a synopsis of the treatment he wrote)…(short version)

*Discovering the power within you.  Today, I am renewed, reborn, and transformed In my attitude, my consciousness, and beliefs.  I make this personal choice, because everything in my experiences is directly manifested by my beliefs, my thoughts, my choices and my actions. I have no other alternative, but to accept this as the law in my life. My acceptance and expanded understanding of these essential principles, remove me from being a victim and elevates my experiences to its absolute potential. These words are released to the universal of mind, which is the source of this power. And so, it is.*



SKII: What high school did you attended?

Michael: I went to elementary school and high school in Detroit Michigan. My Bachelor is in Psychology, from Michigan State.  My Masters is in Experimental Psychology from the University of Detroit, and then I went back to Michigan State and completed courses in the P.hD Psychology program. After that I came to New York and began studying Metaphysics. I paid my advisors – Dr. Mead and Dr. Gardier, in which you might see Dr. Gardier on channel five, sometimes. He’s a Haitian Psychologist. We used to work together, and was in a psychological groups, together. I know him very well. I was really grounded in Psychotherapy Analysis and the Dynamics of Therapy initially in my training. I was motivated and I paid people to help me to learn more. I continue this process currently. I continue to work and stretch myself. But, now it’s more from a Metaphysical prospective. I believe everyone is exactly where they belong. You want more, you have to do more, and investment in yourself.  This is what I teach. Right now, at this office, located at 1050 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, there should be clients lined up from the front door going all the way to the Barclay Center.

SKII: What motivated you to start Visions?

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Michael: The origin of my being in this profession relates to my childhood and how I grew up. My mother was relatively young when she birth me into this universe. It was kind of difficult for me. I had many relatives that had a certain level of consciousness. Some were engaged in certain types of activities, engaged in certain types of  foul speaking, with erroneous beliefs when I was growing up. I said, “I don’t want to talk that way. When I get a little older, I want to speak differently. I don’t want to say some of those words. I don’t want to say profanity”. So, I different in my consciousness. When my relatives consumed alcohol,  it turned to violent and aggressive tendencies. I knew that I didn’t want to have similar experiences. So, these kinds of life variables propelled me into wanting to be different. Duing high school, I saw the counselor and I told him, I wanted to become a Psychiatrist. But, the counselor told me, Michael you need a Medical degree.  Psychiatrists have Medical degrees. He explained the Medical curriculum that they they branch off to their area of specialty such as Heart Surgeon; Gynecologist;  etc. I never liked the sight of blood. I don’t like blood, now. I said, I can’t do that.  The origin of those kind of experiences really prepared me to literally get into the psychology profession. Educationally, I’m the highest educated person, in my family. So, seeing those types of things while I was growing up, watching a person snatch someone’s purse, loitering on the corner, cursing like one of my uncles, drinking alcohol, and then fighting had a profound impact on my development. I understood that those behaviors always lead to tragedies.

End of Part One:



Part Two:

There was a tragedy in my family, when I was a teenager in high school. Please note that we always evolve to a particular time. A lot of people don’t know that. They’ll do things that are a total contradiction of where their talents do lie. So, I’m right in the area where I need to be. Several years ago, before I got my Federal contract in 1998, like in 1993 I was a consultant Clinical Director, in the Bronx. I started there in 1990. I helped them write the federal contract. They got it. They paid me a lot of money. They paid me to train the staff. A debt never goes unpaid to the universe.  At one point, I thought to myself, maybe I should have been a lawyer. I would have been making big money right now. But, I used to think that way. Then I thought how I’m a good speaker.  More than likely, I would have been lying, and being deceptive on many levels. My teaching, what I do now, I would have been caught up. I’m in the right profession. I always operate with the knowledge that a slow nickel beats a fast dime. Over the years since, 1998 prices have gone up, with my contract. So, I don’t need to be a lawyer. I would have been a good one, but I would have been a liar, too. I’m a great speaker, and people listen intently, as I speak. I’m here because Visions was my calling.

SKII: You have a lot of different locations for your businesses.  Which location are you focused on more?

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Michael: Well, my main office is here, in Brooklyn. I spend more time here because I’m busier here with contracts and other services. Of course my company is bigger here.  Yes, it’s growing in China, but this is my main focus now.  Eventually, maybe I won’t have to travel so much. I can be at my beautiful house in New Jersey, and that would be my headquarters. I would just call my businesses to make sure everything operating effectively. Spending more time in China is also a possibility. These are my goals and objectives. But I always enjoy traveling.

SKII: Do you have any children?

Michael Visions 1

Michael:  I was married once before and I have a stepdaughter. But, I never had my own biological child. But, I think I’m going to work on that. The only baby here is Mr. Ziggy (his dog lol, lol). But, basically all I do is work, work, and work.  I have been here (at the office) since 10:00 AM this morning and its 7:00 PM, right now. I will be here until 8:30 pm. I don’t play much in NY…..! If I do play, I’m in Shenzhen, or Hong Kong. I don’t hang out in the clubs in New York, nor go to the bars. I just don’t. But when  in Asia, I hang out and have a lot of fun.

SKII: Tell me something no one knows about you.

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Michael: I would say that I have a big heart and I’m very, very sensitive. When I was younger, I used to cry easily. I think sometimes when I’m talking about those high level psychological or business discussions clients over look my sensitive qualities. They don’t see it in me. I’m very emotional and sensitive. I’m sensitive to people and animals. Ziggy has been with me for fifteen years. I don’t know what I’d to do if something happens to my little dog. I know it’s going to be tough for me. He’s always been with me.  My house was built in New Jersey, in 2007 and I have photos of us together.  Ziggy has always been with me at the office. Driving back and forth to New Jersey. Another thing about me is I never make conflicts, issues or problematic issues for other people, the reason being I don’t want to choke myself. I love the fifteen hour plane ride to Asia, drinking champagne, relaxing and meditating what I want to manifest for myself and my company.  I greatly enjoy being around beautiful interesting people.

SKII: How’s your love life? Is there a future Mrs. Ferguson?

Michael: There’s probably a future Mrs. Ferguson. Probably a potential. It’s a possibility. I would really like to have a child.  Another Michael, or a baby girl. I am surrounded by women and one of my friends told me, “Michael, you might come back in your next life, as a woman”. I started laughing and said, “No, no, no. I want to be a man”.

SKII: What are your aspirations?

Michael Visions 11

Michael: I’m very high leveled, high octane, motivated. I don’t need anyone to motivate me. We have significant people in our lives that would assist us with that. I want to be healthy, be happy and do whatever I want to do. For example right now, if I just want to grab my briefcase, passport, and fly to Rio. I will buy some clothes when I get there! I just want to be happy and be around people that are loving and supporting, and give the message that my company can assist you in your personal development.

SKII: Are your parents still alive?

Michael: My mother and father have made the transition. I have 3 sisters living in Michigan. My younger brother Jose, made the transition in 2009, when he was taken away by a gunshot. That  happens a lot in America.

SKII: Who inspires you?

Michael: The person who has inspired me?  Dr. Stuart Greyson. He was at the New York Center for Spiritual Living. He’s was my teacher, spiritual advisor and coach who assisted me into becoming a Metaphysic Practitioner.  He was everything that I needed to put the icing on the cake, he provided that for me. Everything I’d inspired to become, to be perceptive, to understand, and to learn, he inspired that for me. He made the transition some years ago. I was just talking about him on Sunday when I was at the NYCSL.  The initial inspiration came from my mother. I was the eldest child. My mother was tough with me. I was babysitting at the age of eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen my three baby sisters, and brother. I remember during the summer months, sitting on the steps in Detroit my mother telling me, “You better not hit your sisters”. So, I was in a stressful situation and my mother was very tough/aggressive. But she was the genesis of my initial development all of this which I didn’t understand, until I came to New York when I was twenty-eight years old. When I got my first job in a clinic they requested that I enter psychotherapy for my personal and professional growth.

Some clinics want you to first deal with your own issues before you can analyze someone else’s condition. That’s how you learn to become a better Clinician. During these sessions I complained about my wife because I didn’t like the way she was dealing with my stepdaughter. I didn’t like the way she treated her. My main focus, during that time, was my discussing my mother. I kept thinking, I could have been a professional baseball player, but I was on the stoop watching my brother and sisters during my teens years. I discussed, “My mother made me a maid”. I had to clean the house, cook dinner and manage my siblings. My analyst Dr. Kapur assisted me also in my enhancement of my consciousness and professional development. I was his first appointment at 7:45am.  I would drive from Corona Queens, to 86th Street and Lexington Avenue. He would make me a cup of tea and give me a couple of tea biscuits . He would sit down and start drinking his tea, I would start motor mouthing, and talking about my mother, talking about how the clinics didn’t pay me enough money, and talking about my ex-wife. He never said anything.

About a year later, after he analyzed and listened to me complaining, but he never responded, about my mother Dr. Kapur, said “Michael, you talk about your mother often. One thing I have noticed about her, is that she always conveyed the message that you were special and important. The tears swelled up in my eyes. I tried to catch them before they fell down. After that day, I never complained about my mother again.  This is what I’m talking about everyone needs a growth consciousness. Everyone needs a coach, or an advisor.  Someone to really give them relevant information and seeing the full picture of what is really going on. Most people don’t have this. Everyone needs a true spiritual advisor, coach, or therapist to assist them to operating from a totally new and different level of consciousness.

SKII: What’s next Mr. Michael D. Ferguson?

Michael Visions 4 updated

Michael: I hired a consultant and she’s going to assist me into taking my company to another level. She’s very good. She has a background in management. She didn’t come in today, because she was a little  under the weather, but when I went to the NYCSL, she was there. I spoke to her after service yesterday. I definitely want to take my business to another level. I still need to fine tune myself and get better organized. There’s a myriad of opportunities I can connect to my company Visions. I have the Faith and Conviction to do this. I’m looking at different contracts and opening up a halfway house, and opening another office in Shanghai this summer. The world is boundless in wealth, success, and everyone has the potential to manifest more in their experiences.

I also have my advisor who’s a Metaphysician Practitioner – her name is Lynette Tucker. I had a forty minutes discussion with her, last week. I already have affiliations with the Federal government – since 1998. My records are squeaky clean. I’m looking for a three story building to put at least twenty-five beds in the building, with a full staff on hand, around-the-clock. There’s no such thing as something for nothing. Everyone has to create their experiences using their Mind. Understanding that the eternal substance that’s spirit is living within us. Whatever I want, I’m entitled to it. and it will appears from invisibility to visibility. So, those are just a few things that I am working on.

SKII: WOW!!! Are you feeling the same way I’m feeling after reading his story? This was only the first part of Michael’s story.

Here is a man on a mission and he knows exactly where he is going. He had a vision. He speaks to his spiritual advisors, and he basically acquired everything he’s sought after. He has clients worldwide assisting them to “Transform their Potential into Reality” Michael feels, if you “Develop your Consciousness, and understand who you really are and know your Spiritual Heritage then you are entitled to Opulent Living.”  I had a great time interviewing him

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