Lenny Green

Q:  What have you been up to lately?
A:  I always try to maintain a busy schedule.  The most that anyone can do, is become comfortable with  themselves.  And when you’re comfortable where you are, you subject yourself to not growing and possibly being all that you can be,  at that moment.  I try to keep busy and do as many things to keep my brand known.   I try to make a lot of appearances in the summer. I  plan on doing more Quiet Storm – live shows for this year.  We  took a break during the last few years,  but we are coming back strong.
During the month of  August, I will be bringing back my 10th annual family day event.    It‘s called … “The Lenny Green –  10th Annual Family Day Event.”  Because it’s the 10th year, we are going to make it even bigger than before. I am waiting confirmation for some new and old artists to appear.  The Lenny Green’s Annual Event, is an event for students to receive back to school supplies.  Students  from kindergarten  to students – who are   preparing to go to college, and  college graduates.  We   take  the  students on a  tour  to 10  or more black historical colleges or universities,  which are based around the country.    They get to go to different colleges and experience  college life before they actually attend college.  We  also want to influence,   the  future graduates of college,    to continue their education.    “The Lenny Green 10th Annual Family Day Event”  will take place
on August 3rd,  2014 ,  at  Bryant King Park, Bedstuy Brooklyn,    This event  was created  by me,.  I grew up in Brooklyn.  I know how hard it is for some kids to make something of themselves. I didn’t want to see the typical statistics of  our children,  getting involved in the wrong things. Kids actually have something to look forward to during the summertime.  Each summer  I am bringing positive structure to them.   I  wanted  to show  Brooklyn,   I have no problem giving back to the community.
Where were you born and raised?    I was born and raised in Crown Heights,  Brooklyn, NY.  I also   lived in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY for a few years of my life.  I finally wound  up in East New York, Brooklyn  where  I attended  Catholic school.  I  went to High school in lower Manhattan (SOHO),  where I attended   an  All Boys High school for four years.  I then graduated and began attending college.
_AAW0397When did you start Radio?  I started radio in college,  by accident.  I had no intentions of being on radio.  My primary love was singing.   I thought under  Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson, there was going to be Lenny Green.  But GOD changed my game plans.  Now were doing radio. I’m glad GOD changed my mind, soul and the ability to do radio shows.  Once I got bitten by the radio bug in college, it was all over for the singing. I have no regrets.  I love it. I love radio.
Many people know you from 107.5, The Quiet Storm.  Well,  now they do.   I  was originally with 98.7 KissKissing after Dark.   The  many followers  from  98.7, Kissing After Dark   and many  more,  are listening to  me  on  107.5 WBLS, “The  Quiet Storm.” They  know  where I’m  working  at  now.
Lenny then told me…  I’m working on a book. I’m also trying to expand my brand and get into movies. I’m actually going to do a cameo in a movie for our mutual friend Tony Munroe! It will be coming soon, to a theatre near you.
Lenny then stated…  I’ve always been a family orientated type of guy. One of my goals last year, was to do my families first annual family reunion.  I feel,  it’s very important for families to come together and share special moments. Everyone has a busy lifestyle these days .   The family get  so disconnected  over  the years.  I want them to slow down for at least one to two days and come together to share life experiences. I want everyone to understand and know  what a matriarch is.  I want them to know – whose  the matriarch  of our family.   Right now  it’s my mother.   She is the eldest of the family.  My mom is 88 years old!  She is very blessed and  I  am so blessed to have her.  My mom is my inspiration in life.   I love my mother.  She is my hero.  My mom showed me what it means to be strong. What it means to be determined.  What it means to be important in other people lives. Although I never knew my birth father, I do know my heavenly father…  GOD!  He is my father. I realized where my blessings came from.  I didn’t know it earlier in life.   But I’m clear and I understand  where I am right now.  Thank you GOD.  I wouldn’t  be where  I am today without you.
Aside from that, I’m looking for Mrs. Lenny Green.  I haven’t found her yet.  I’m still in the forest looking for her.  I’m looking for the ideal lady,  so I can have my Michelle Obama, like my President Obama.
Ladies….You  heard right.  Lenny Green is looking for Mrs. Green.  Maybe, it could be you.

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3 thoughts on “Lenny Green”

  1. Very neat piece!!!The lighting is poitec. The camera work is thoughtful. The music is well chosen. The voice over is to the point. The editing is smooth and clean. The Ken Burns effect helps to add on to the story and makes it more touching and vivid.

  2. great !I like the cover a lot. I especially like how the text doesn’t ovepeowrr your art, but the little splatter in the corner is a nice touch to tie back into the title.

  3. Hi Mr. Green my name is Regina Curtis and my family and I attended your Annual Family Day last year ad we had a really good time I will be listening out for the date thank you for allowing us to be there.

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