Joey Williams  (Epic)

This morning, I am interviewing Joey Williams, AKA Epic.  He’s a young rapper, venturing into great things. I asked him…  What have you been up to?  JW replied back I have been writing music, and job hunting.  I’m trying to introduce my brand to other influential rappers. I have also been performing in a lot of great shows. I’ve been looking for jobs that best suit me.  Jobs like…a video game designer.  I started being interested in Rap Music when I was twelve years of age. I have developed a rap style which is different, and people love it.  JW was born and raised in Harlem, N.Y.  His family then, moved to the Bronx, NY.  There is where he currently resides.

JW stated; I have three different projects that I am working on now. I just finished a mix-tape. It’s called… It’s So Easy.”  Now that I have finished my single, I am venturing on to the next big thing. I stay busy.   I work a 9 to 5 like most people.  When I’m not working, I’m doing different shows; going to different events and marketing my brand.

My expectation in life is to change the audience into liking a new style of music.  Rap music that is..   I am a young entrepreneur striving towards greater things in life.   Five years from now, I see myself on top of the world. Everyone will know my name.

I can honestly say, my parents and my fans inspire me to be great. . My father have  been pushing me to my limits in becoming a better me, and showing me – that I can make it in the world – if I wanted  to.  My mother has supported me in everything I want to do. My mother always told me…   never stop until you have reached the top. There are a lot of opportunities out there – all you have to do is reach out there and grab it. Once you’ve mastered it, move on to the next big thing.  Thanks mom and dad.  Thank you for allowing me to be me.  Thank you for loving me.  I also want to thank my fans.  They are always at my events. They have supported me all the way.

Kofi Black

 4 years ago

Glenroy Philip

 4 years ago

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