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SKII:  How old were you when you first started Fitness Modeling?I

I was seventeen years old.

SKII:  Were your parents into fitness or was it something you wanted to do?

Yes, my father played for the St. Louis Cardinals Minor Leagues for two years as a catcher. As well, he was All-State in Football, Track and Baseball. So yes, my family has been extremely athletic and I am blessed by great genetics.

SKII:  When did you know that was your calling?I’ve known that this was my calling since I was about five years old. Actually, my calling has always been to be a Media Mogul and CEO.

SKII:  I’ve read that you are a published fitness supermodel. Tell me something about that.

Yes, I have been interviewed in over 400 newspapers, done over 300 radio shows and have been published as a Fitness Model in Status Fitness Magazine (4th in the World as the Ranking Top Fitness Model), published in Gladys Magazine, also published in Latin Connection Magazine as well as eight other magazines. I also have been named for two consecutive years for as the top Athlete of the Year. To add to that, I was Ms. Galaxy Virginia in 2012 and I was named in their first year Trainer of the Year for FitOrbit/FitTV.

SKII:  You were in a year long competition as a Fitness Supermodel. Tell me, why did it take a year for the competition.

The competition is a year long because it begins as a monthly contest (referring to the Status Fitness Cover Modeling Contest). Every month you are voted on by the public and the judges. At the end of twelve months, the person with the most votes and the Judges’ Votes gets published in the magazine, and this applies to only the top ten models. I placed in Fourth and this competition had well over 4,000 contestants.

SKII:   You are about to embark in a reality tv show this fall in 2015. What type of reality show would it consist of?

It actually is still in the final production stages for the Pilot and thus it is still under NDA technically, but we are shooting for a release date for a major network by the beginning of 2016. What I can tell you is that the show is going to be provocative, healing, filled with immense true stories about the pitfalls and the joys of Social Media. I have been blessed with the most outstanding cast members and crew and I know that this show will bless so many viewers worldwide.

SKII:  Do you have any brothers or sisters? Any of them involved with fitness?

I have one sibling, an older brother who went to college on a Baseball Scholarship.

SKII:   Are your parents still alive? If so, What did they think about your choice to do fitness?

My father actually passed away when I was nineteen and thus it compelled me to meet and exceed all of my fitness goals and aspirations as he died of a massive heart attack. However, when he was alive, it was never a question of “thinking” about doing fitness — it was a way of life, survival and a way to level the playing field called Life. Athletics and fitness will always be my way of dealing with much of the stress of this life.

SKII:.   Is Erin Morgart your true name?

My maiden name is Erin Gwyn Jones, and my name now is Erin Jones Morgart.

SKII:  You’ve acted in many videos, television, etc… What do you think about the acting world as it is today, in comparison to the acting world of the 1970’s?

I believe that with the emergence of New Media and the different platforms for all forms of film, the world of acting has become still just as competitive and the “game” being played Los Angeles is still just as much in place as it has ever been. However, the role of women in the industry is becoming much more integral and more women are taking the helm at large studios. I intend to be a part of that.

SKII:   You’ve held the titles for Ms. United Nations for 2012 & 2013. Winning this award consecutively, how did it make you feel?

I felt fantastic and honored as a representative for the United Nations Pageants to be Ms. United Nations USA for those years. My intent is to compete again as a challenge to myself for the 2017 Pageant.

SKII. Now, you’re writing a book about abuse, trauma, bullying and neglect. Why write about these things? Have you encountered any of these?

First, yes, I am writing a book on my life experiences and while this is not my primary project, I believe it is one that will eventually become more prominent as there is an epidemic of bullying, sexual abuse, trauma, PTSD and neglect against not only children but adult survivors. The odds that I am still alive, where I am and what I am doing are completely due to the grace of God Almighty. Having my Undergraduate Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Minor in PreMed, I am able to address the extremely complex issues of psychology versus psychiatry as it applies to the traumatized brain. I am currently continuing my courses via Harvard Medicine CME to research these issues.

SKII:   I’ve read that your part Portuguese; Italian; Spanish and Brazilian. Tell me the significance behind your heritage?

Yes, I did a DNA test about six years ago and actually did it to check for other DNA markers for Native American Ancestry. What the results were surprised me as it states that I am 51% Portuguese, with the remainder Italian, Brazilian and Spanish. These cultures and genotypes resonate with me as now I know why I am so passionate about life, my ideas and goals, and why I love music and beauty.

SKII:   I’ve also read that your working with Jason Ellis. How did you collaborate that?

Jason and I have been good friends for almost five years now. Originally I was to have done a shoot for him and other events got in the way. Now, we are finally collaborating on the Documentary that we are filming in October as well as doing a photoshoot slated for 2016. He and I know the essence of the Fitness World, both modeling, photography and what to expect. I am honored to be working with Jason.

 SKII:  What’s your expectations/aspirations in life?

There are no limits. I expect the show that I have just filmed to skyrocket with good ratings; I want to help other women and children who have overcome tragedy and I would like to be a Role Model for them; I would like to (actually I already have) help with some political campaigns (I am currently helping with two); I want to inspire others towards greatness, joy and a strong sense of accomplishment. The mind creates and manifests what it is most focused on.

SKII:   Who inspires you the most?

Wow — tough question! I would have to say my peers as I am constantly observing others, seeing how things are done and then I aspire to move beyond what they have done. I enjoy winning but more than that, I enjoy imparting a sense of love and support with all of my fans, followers and friends. I am most inspired by people who have had to overcome tremendous obstacles to get to a modicum of success — I know what it is like to have tragedy, horrendous obstacles, come in the way of your life path. The answer is to keep on going.

SKII:  If you can go back into time and/or to the future, what would you tell a younger/older you, who has just started or may have been in your career as a fitness model/actress/author/literature teacher, etc??

Younger Self: Achieve against all odds. Ignore the haters. Be true to yourself. Compete to win. Never, ever quit. Focus with intent. Life is precious. Call Checkmate on all of your competitors. Love yourself. Be kind. Forgive those who have hurt you.  A progression towards excellence in all things, including new photo shoots, more involvement in TV/Movies and of course the Documentary that Jason and I are filming. That, alone, will be worth all that I have been working towards. All praise to God in all things.

Current self: You are exactly where you should be. You will win with the help of our Creator. Help others in need and focus on bettering the lives of others.  It means that I am right on track for my goals, which is to become a Media Mogul, a force to be reckoned with in the Entertainment Industry. It means that what I have always believed — connections are everything — holds true. I believe in paying it forward, supporting others, helping others and as a cause-effect, that energy and joy comes back to me.

SKII:  What’s next for you, Erin Morgart? What can people expect from you?

Everything has changed, and for the better! More interviews, more tv spots! I have on my schedule to do six more photo shoots in the next year. I am acquiring my License as a Talent Agent in the State of California, and as a member of SAG, I plan on using that calling card wisely. Not only that, but I am on track to not only costar in the DocuDrama that I have been filming for the past fourteen months but I am also filming a Documentary in October 2015.


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