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Chris  “Phipp”  Phippa


SKII: Today, I’m speaking with Chris Phippa. Where are you from?


Chris: I was born and raised in Harlem, New York and lived there for fifteen years with my mom, older brother, and my younger sister. Then moved to New Jersey with my father when I was fifteen. When I moved to New Jersey, it was a big change of pace for me, because my dad was a big promoter of responsibility. I got highly involved with sports; basketball & track & field but my main focus was track and field. I studied Psychology, as an undergrad at the University of Nebraska. Being on the track team allowed me to grow with others  and challenge myself mentally and spiritually.  At the age of 19 I accepted God in my life and while doing so I’d decided to be involved in music. I never talked about drugs or anything like that in my music; it was more about materialistic things. After I accepted God in my life, I’d decided to write my music differently and input him & positivity. 


SKII: How was growing up with your mom? Did you get any guidance from your dad while growing up before you moved with him at fifteen?



Chris: Growing up with my mom was great.  She’s my twin so we get along great. A lot of laughs and a lot of comforting talks.  My dad was actually in our lives growing up. They got a divorce around the time that I was eight years old. He always picked us up, provided good advice, and took us to eat.  He was and still is an amazing father.  


SKII: So, you were the only one that got to live with your father?


Chris: My brother and my sister wanted to stay in New York. Actually, I decided to go for the very reason to grow in what I loved. Track and field was my main focus growing up.  It was always something I knew I would be good at, so I thought I’d see what would happen if I’d actually focus on it. 


SKII: What contributed your to moving from New York, to New Jersey, and then to Nebraska?


Chris: I saw an opportunity when moving from New York to New Jersey.  Then I got offered a scholarship to the University of Nebraska, which I wasn’t going to take.  I didn’t even plan on taking the visit, then one day when I was sitting with my dad eating at a restaurant, I’d decided to go there and try something new. I actually met new, nice people in a different environment, and actually missed it when coming back to New York.

SKII: So, only basketball and track and field are your favored sports?


Chris: Yes; only those two, but mainly track and field.  I was actually pretty good at football when I was younger but my passion rested with track & field. 


SKII: Are you doing anything towards your Scholarship in Track and Field? What are you doing, right now? 


Chris: I went to the University of Nebraska to pursue my education and compete at the Division I level. I competed for four years, became a 7 time All American, was crowned the first B1G Long Jump Champion at Nebraska and the 2012 NACAC Triple Jump Champion.  After my eligibility was up I gave track & field another shot but got hurt so that slowed me down.  I tried again this past year of 2015 but realized that my focus was not there, it was in music, which is what I am pursing now.  The development of my brand “Phipp Phippa” & “Phippa Entertainment” my Entertainment Business. Once I graduate with my MA in Higher Education Administration, I will be in full pursuit of booking more events.  


SKII: How old are you?


Chris: I’m twenty-four.


SKII: You also graduated with a degree in Psychology?

Are you using your degree?


Chris: It depends what “using” means.  If you ask if I am working in a position that my Psychology degree is being used, then no.  However, psychology is a constant practice.  I’ve learned a lot from my undergrad years and every day I use Psychology.  


SKII: You want to become a Motivational Speaker, so how are you moving towards that goal?


Chris: I joined a non for profit organization out here in Nebraska. The name is, Men with Dreams and we do a lot of after school programs. I actually speak to the young men and youth to help push me to use my skills, for future benefits and memories.


SKII: While you were getting your degrees and focusing on track and field, and being a motivational speaker what brought you to do music?


Chris: Music was always something that has been a part of me.  I’ve realized that it’s a great outlet for me to get my thoughts across to different groups of people.  It provides a stage to share positive messages. I love uplifting others.


SKII: Your music pertains to rapping? Also, when did you find God? 


Chris: Yes, my music is rapping but I coin it “Lyrical Art”.  Art is a way that anyone can express themselves and through my music I express myself, which is why I call it Lyrical Art.  I dedicated my life to God when I was nineteen years old.


SKII: What circumstances took place?


Chris: My brother motivated me into getting baptized.  After that day I started seeking God and I am so thankful that day came because it allowed me to want more of Him; as of Him wanting more of me.


SKII: I know you performed a lot. Where?


Chris: In Nebraska is where I performed at well-known venues. The Rococo Theatre & The Bourbon Theatre.  People such as Naz, J-Cole, and Waka Flaka have performed at these venues.  I actually had the opportunity recently to be a part of an opening performance for the Temptations.  That was a blessing and a great experience.  


SKII: Do you manage yourself? How do you get theses venues?


Chris: I do manage myself and people are actually starting to reach out to me. 


SKII: What type of messages are you giving them?


Chris: Spiritual, guidance, encouragement and upliftings.


SKII: How long have you been doing music?


Chris: It’s been for nine years, since high school.


SKII: Since Nebraska, how long have you been doing music?


Chris: It’s been three years.


SKII: What’s some of the names of your songs?


Chris: One of my songs is called, “My Focus”. Another is, “Our Savior”, and another is called, “They Got Me Like”.  I just shot a music video for Our Savior, which you will be able to find on my FB music page “Phipp Phippa” Shortly after June 20, 2015. 


SKII: What else are you trying to pursue?


Chris: The development of my entertainment business PhippaEnt. Which encapsulates my DJ’ing and my Artistry. 


SKII: How many more years do you have left for school?


Chris: I graduate this August, 2015.


SKII: After you graduate, are you going to continue your music career? 


Chris: Yes, I would like to continue to pursue music and speaking engagements. Each stage that I step on to I will speak to the people. 


SKII: What type of job are you doing besides your talents?


Chris: I’m a Wellness Graduate Assistant.


SKII: Who inspired you to do what you do?


Chris: I really never look, or looked at anyone to decide any factor in what I’m doing. I pushed myself and challenged myself, to do better.  God is my biggest inspiration.  


SKII: What will you say to a younger you?


Chris: I wouldn’t change anything. I’ll just say to continue to do better and continue to push yourself. I will say, to be positive and just continue to be you, and never give up.


SKII: What will you say to a young person that wants to do music?


Chris: Just follow the desire in their heart and to never let anyone else, decide for them. Never stop doing what you love, continue to push yourself, and stay working at it. Nothing is easy, but everything is possible. 


SKII: As far as rapping what’s your name?


Chris: Phipp Phippa


SKII: Why Phippa?


Chris: My good friend in New Jersey who actually does music now, was playing around and was the one who called me Phippa! I just decided to stay with the name.


SKII: If anyone wants to reach out to you, how can they?

Chris: [email protected]


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