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Andre Slocumb – Warlick a.k.a CarLovy Musicc He’s a singer, rapper, songwriter and now he’s acting? He is acting in a play called “The Double Wedding”.   He performed at Webster Hall, The Gallery Bar, The Happy Ending Lounge, The Sugarbar and now at the Corner Lounge and The pyramid on Lower East Side in Manhattan.  He has over 289 songs and 235 videos.  Watch out world and bring your ears to the table. Listen to the soulful sounds of the  man with the golden tongue. That man is called… CarLovy Musicc

CarLovy: It might be more. I’m currently acting in a play called “The Double Wedding”. The play is phenomenal.  Shout-out to Jaliisa Williams, (the writer, director and producer of the play). We met last winter at a commercial “Bounce Back” energy drink. Its an up and becoming energy drink. They are doing really good. We met and began talking and we just clicked. I lost contact with her  after that day until one day I saw her on the internet. I reached out to her and we exchanged numbers. We spoke about me acting in her play. I auditioned and was put in the play as an understudy. Shortly after that, I got a lead role as character; Brian Hilton – a misunderstood guy. Brian has a rich fiancé (Jennifer Long). Her friends and mine think I am marrying her for her money. But, he truly loves her. I don’t want to give away so much of the plot to the play. Come out to see it.

SKII: How do you feel when people are starting to recognize you as an artist and they are shouting out your name?

CarLovy: It’s a great feeling. I try to stay humble with whatever I am doing. People are starting to recognize me as a singer/rapper and songwriter. When they do, I show the love back. I try to show the love through my songs also. Everyone can see that I am showing love through my song. I truly appreciate my fan and friend base.

SKII: Where were you born and raised?

CarLovy: I was born in Metropolitan hospital which is on the east side of Manhattan. I grew up with my aunt until the early part of my years. My aunt live in Harlem and Convent avenue. I then began living with my grandmother on 96th street, and my mother on the upper west side. I always have to shout that out. I then lived my pops, who lived in the Dumbar apartment building in Harlem at 149th street. It’s the last stop on the “3” train. So yeah. I grew up in Harlem. That’s all I know. I’ve attended Broadway Academy which is where I met and started in the group K.O.S. I’ve also attended P,S, 180, P.S. 36, Beacon High School for a year before I went to Legacy High School. I really couldn’t do the school thing anymore so, I decided to get my GED from Columbia University. Yes. Columbia University have a GED program. So I finished my GED program.  During that same year, I began taking care of my music. The music and the songs in me really started taking over. That’s when I started gaining my name back. I’ve always been a writer. Everyone who knows me from 6th to 7th grade knows me as a songwriter.   I’ve been writing music from back then. I’m not old but, I’ve been writing music from way back then until now.  People from back then would see me today and they would ask me, are you still writing music? I would tell them yes. I’ve made my decision. I’ve chose this path and I turned up.

Carlovy #3

SKII: You were part of a group when you first started singing/rapping.

CarLovy: Yes. We were called K.O.S. (Kings Of School) G.Gettaz because we started in the same school. I.S. 44, Broadway Academy. K.O.S was originally formed by Kanary Keef, Jak Skelly & off-city. I was the last one recruited into the group. When we first started, the name was Kings Of School because we all went to the same school. As I stated earlier, The name was eventually changed to Kings Of Street because everyone left the school and went their own way.

We all clicked together and formed the group. The group was great. With my passion and drive, I’ve been pushing and doing my thing. They are still my guys – Jak Skelly – All City. With a lot of my music, you will hear K-O-S. music. Right now, I’m the last man standing so it’s all about CarLovy Musicc everything.

SKII: What do your family think about your music and you being in this type of business?

CarLovy: Oh man. That’s another story. I mean, my father is very supportive because he use to do music back in the days. He was a singer from Hollis queens but, he sung his music in Harlem all the times. My mom is supportive as far as what I am doing. We have our ups and downs but, I am doing this for me. My brother “Big Skeme” is my producer. He actually produced two songs on my new album that will be coming out soon. The names of the songs are; “Weirdos“ & “leaders“. I have another brother name “Blaze”. After this interview, I will be heading out to him because he is doing a video shoot today featuring his first song called “The Plug”. So yeah. We’ve been doing it. We’ve been trying to keep it in the family. I also have two sisters and two other brothers whom I never met.  There’s 7 of us.

SKII: Are you married with children?

CarLovy: I am not married. I’m single. I have two beautiful children; “Laila” and “Alijah” I am blessed.

SKII: Is CarLovy your government name?

CarLovy: No it isn’t. KarLovy (which starts with a “K”), comes from a famous town in Germany but, CarLovy is spelled with a “K”. My performance name was originally KarLovy with a K but, I decided to change It to a C. The Musicc comes from how I relate to the world. .

SKII: What motivates you to do what you do?

CarLovy: Sad to say, but it’s pain. Yes pain. Music is like a battery to me. When I’m going through things, I write. That’s the best way I can express it. I’m a really shy person but through music is the way I can express myself. So, my best material comes from my worst moments in life. A lot of pain from family, relationships, growing-up and being from Harlem. It was hard you know. I learned how to stay strong and determined.  Music is my outlet and this is what I am good at.

SKII: Have you sung with other artists?

CarLovy: I was trying to collaborate with Carl Thomas. He moved to Texas but, we are still trying to reach out to him to make it happen. As far as other singers;  I’ve sung with Andria Garcia. She’s headed onto many beautiful things. She’s on I-Tunes. She is a phenomenal singer. Kay Nicole, she’s from queens. Ariel Franklin  – My co-star in the play called: The Double wedding”. She’s a fulltime actress but, she can hit notes. All of the people I mentioned will also be on my album called: The golden ticket.

SKII: Whats your aspirations in life? You’ve reached this plato, is there anything else?

CarLovy: I’ve been in this business for a little while now but, I guess I can turn this (my music brand) up a little notch. I’m hoping my acting would go up another notch. I qant to star in motion pictures. I want my songs on soundtracks. These are all of my goals and aspirations in life. That is what I am aiming for right now. Broadening my brand and taking it globally.

SKII: Who inspires you?

CarLovy: I inspire myself. I mean, I’m not going to take credit away from anyone. There’s always people in my ear who are uplifting me but, at the end of the day, It’s just me and GOD. I’m inspired by GOD to have allowed me to come this far and for believing I can do it. So, it’s just me and GOD doing what I do. Thank you for my family and friends but, I’m my own inspiration. I listen and I learned how to get myself motivated. Thanks to everyone but, as I stated earlier, at the end of the day – it’s GOD and then it’s me.

SKII: What would you say to a younger you, about life?

CarLovy: Stay in school. Stop cutting class. Get your education. Everything is just not what it seems. A lot of things right now; the transition, the hair, the clothes, the whole CarLovy thing wasn’t always me. I was a whole different person. I’m a Harlemnite. At that time, I was really a Harlem person. Out there in the streets – hanging out and not doing the right thing was me. I’ve been homeless before. I’ve been in group homes before. I’ve been locked down in a juvenile institution. I was a hardheaded boy. I overcame all of that and then one day, I noticed I was free.

The other thing I can say is cherish your freedom. Once they take that away, it’s over. I need my freedom. How else would I be able to bless you with my music. So, I had to straighten up. When I had my first born Alijah that’s when I realized, I am a father. I had to put my big pants on. It became a little difficult at times but, we are getting through it. I had my daughter a year later. Having a little girl, that’s a whole other feeling. My sisters and brothers are the youngest in my immediate family. It’s been that way for a while. So when I had my son Alijah and daughter I must say, I grew up then. Once I had my own children, I became a role model for them and everyone else. You can hear it from my first cd to the cd’s you are hearing right now. I grew. Just download my music.  You can hear it through my rhymes.

SKII: So whats next?

CarLovy: These major labels are next. I got the golden ticket. It’s been doing good. Album is about to drop right now. We are knocking down doors. We are going to take it further. With the Double Wedding stage play and others that are coming. Featured films I’m going to be in. All that is going to happen. I am talking to the writer of the play “The Double Wedding”. We are talking about collaborating to see what we can work out. I have a song called “Handful” and I am trying to get that song in the play.

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